Ziarno Prawdy.2015.DVDRip.Polski.Film

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Ziarno Prawdy.2015.DVDRip.Polski.Film


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Thriller

Release Date : 29 January 2015

Language : Polish

Country : Poland

Sinopsys :

Ziarno Prawdy.2015.DVDRip.Polski.FilmSandomierz with its dark past and mystery has become the capital of the Polish crime. This is where the cobbled streets bike rides his father Matthew and there are growing legend of Jewish ritual murders, and that takes us there Zygmunt Miłoszewski, which draws on the Vistula romantic atmosphere of the city. It is impossible to be indifferent to cut riposte, accurate, but painful insights and addictive criminal intrigue. Ziarno Prawdy” in the hands of Boris Lankosz rises to the heights of the genre, does not differ from the literary original and boasts precision. The director takes us to the city enveloped in a dense fog, which seems to cover and overwhelm the truth. Theodore Szacki (Robert Więckiewicz) trying to find out in this atmosphere, and reconciled with loneliness when on the horizon there is the matter of the murder. Chasing a dead corpse, waking the old demons of Jewish trespasses, legends carefully nurtured by generations largely based on the image of Charles de Prevot depicting ritual murders. Although Szacki is an officer and head footsteps, along with Inspector Leon Alsatian (Jerzy Trela) and the prosecutor Basia Sobieraj (Magdalena Walach) are embedded in the meanders of the past and the meaning of the word patriotism, can be entangled in anti-Semitic and issues agonizing search for revenge.

Screenshots :

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Ziarno Prawdy.2015.DVDRip.Polski.Film


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