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Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 7 October 2016

Language : Polish

Country : Poland

Sinopsys :

Wolyn.2016.DVDRip.Cały.Film –  In the photograph tangle of bodies – horribly mutilated, stuck in the ground, half-naked. And silence, stillness under clear skies, calm human habitat, in which a moment before was vibrant life. It Rwanda shortly after the massacre of 1994. When the Hutu machetes killed hundreds of thousands of their Tutsi neighbors. But the photograph of death – even the most shocking – does not grasp the time, it is blind to what precedes hatred. For years together and the days of – fence to fence – executioners and victims. The growing tension, which at one time unimaginable violence erupts. Smarzowski in “Wolyn region” – telling a different, yet still the same story – slide apart the veil of time: It shows what life is like on a ticking time bomb; presents world-mosaic, where coexist different cultures, traditions, languages, interests and ideologies and that is lost forever in a sea of blood. It does this across the prevailing myth of the Borderlands idyll – a beautiful land of tolerance and interdependence. Yes, the Wolyn is the crucible of our national imagery – the vodka comes to the Jewish innkeeper, and then rozpija cylinder Ukrainian neighbor – but prymu not know at all imagined “community of citizens”, but mutual distrust. Too often they change here cleaning power, so that she could develop some form stable society. As if history has made Borderlands laboratory for testing states of emergency. Because “Wolyn” is not so much a film about the genocide, what about the erosion of the world possessed by symbols and belonging. And these – if you give them unlimited power – for nothing they have real lives. Smarzowski like holding on tightly to one perspective – to hell goes with her daughter Polish peasants, Zosia Głowacka – but the reality paints a broad perspective: the classic landscape or multi-layered novel places a kind of “Books Jakubowych” Olga Tokarczuk. No one admits the ultimate reason, not relativize scroll, does not arouse shame or pride – politics, although important, is lining this world, background, just as polyphonic as an individual “voices” of the members of the rural community. The desire to take up the maximum space of experiences and ideas can be seen in the ken off narrative ellipses, which – rather than hinder reception Wolyn draw us carefully mapped reality Borderlands. Immersion here is a basic tactic director, making the movie watching on one breath, able to simultaneously shock and delight. Already long, half-hour scene of Polish-Ukrainian weddings Helena and Vasil lets you feel the internal instability “bloody-lands.” This is the moment in which we get to know most of the characters – Zosia issued against his will for the mayor Skiba, her parents, a lover of the Ukrainian Petro, all the intricate grid interconnections Polish-Ukrainian-Jewish relations. On the one hand we learn about contemporary displaced postcolonial legacy: wrongs, which experienced Ukrainian peasants from the Polish masters. The overt attempts to eradicate injustice and of national traditions. On the other – our eyes are good reasons Ukrainians turn into hate speech: the language of ethnic cleansing and worship leader. In an atmosphere of nationalist ruchawki die single life – love Sophie to Ukrainian proves to excess, something existing in spite of “historical necessity.” And as if sensing this detachment from the machine history – this ordinariness, emotional prose Wolyn the camera “grabs” Sophia and clutches, keeps track of all the trials of life “in spite of” break out of the clutches of determinism, which is really someone else’s project, and someone else will. so maybe take the impression of “weakness” of this character – her withdrawal, passivity, resignation events. But if Głowacka can be different, since traverses hell of a state of emergency? there is no place for action on individual choices – bare life tends just to survive. I want to drink, eat – and live. In condensed form, “Wolyn’- time spin: once comes the Red Army, once the Nazis, once UPA fighters – some doszukają emptiness of historical reconstruction and pushy playing on emotions (trademark” smarzowszczyzny “). Same scene of carnage, however, have a shimmering figure – a tornado images which turns into ashes familiar views and values. There is no excessive death to shock, rather cold fact – as the photographs from Rwanda – and in places “aesthetics hell” straight from the outstanding “Son of Saul.” A long time I thought well, if Smarzowski – trying zniuansować your video and show a variety of reasons – do not fall into a kind of naivete. Some symbols or statements verge on kitsch, even if the scene cutting off the tail with an ax or fighting flails – the type of wedding rituals – are assembled in parallel sermon two priests just before the outbreak of the carnage. One calls for tolerance, Wolyn warns against nationalism and erecting the nation’s more than a man, the other saints scythes and pitchforks ready to inflict death. Such a simple dialectic, which does not necessarily have to emerge a synthesis. However, doubts vanish in comparison with actuality, “Wolyn.” Perhaps if the film Wolyn was completed a few years earlier, his firepower would be smaller. Because, as belittle these simple images, when analogous watch on the front pages of newspapers? When the priest from the pulpit calls for hatred and pennants of the phalanx occupy the space hitherto inaccessible to them – and this is part of our, not then, reality? Film critics are unanimous on this point – “Wolyn” is a warning – this is what might happen to the world when you give him the possession zideologizowanej hatred. This dispassion fall shocks – first built complex reality, similar to ours, but in a global perspective, so that at one moment a house of cards crumble. Smarzowski his film Wolyn set in the role of co-guardian of memory and profety – it’s deeply humanistic attitude, as humanistic, despite the cold, it is the “Wolyn .” There is no escape from history, there is no “end of man.” Under the hood, right behind the face of an old demon. Thanks, Mr. Smarzowski, as a reminder of the obvious. And even if we get out of the Lord’s film full of doubts and fears – no response or rescue in general is still possible.

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