Vengeance of an Assassin.2014.DVDRip.Thai.Full.Movie

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Vengeance of an Assassin.2014.DVDRip.Thai.Full.Movie


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Action

Release Date : 12 November 2014

Language : Thai

Country : Thailand

Sinopsys :

Vengeance of an Assassin.2014.DVDRip.Thai.Full.Movie – For Natee (Dan Chupong), his only reason to become an assassin, while forgetting Than, his just one brother and uncle Thanom, his adoptive father who raises them up, should be to find the simple truth on the dead of his father and his awesome mother. It’s the challenge that he’d always doubted and felt that uncle Thanom hid something from him.

While due to being on a mission in protecting “Ploy”, the niece of Chain, influential boss connected with an east coast town from gang of assassins, it comes with an change in order for him to get rid of the girl that he is protecting instead!!!

Before he is able to get to the bottom from it, someone has double-crossed and utilize him {because the scapegoat. Natee must find out who’s behind certainly. Meanwhile she has to save Ploy’s life on the cold-blood and brutal killers who always know everything of their movements. It’s clear that Natee is confronting using a hidden power with network and control far surpass his ability to withstand them.

Screenshots :

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Vengeance of an Assassin.2014.DVDRip.Thai.Full.Movie


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