Tous en scène.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent

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Tous en scène.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Animation

Release Date : 25 November 2016

Language : French

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

Tous en scène.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent –  So far I’m not the biggest fan of illumination but I give every new movie and you chance when I saw the Tous en scène film I feared it could have been pretty lame and cheap because it looked like a simple comedy movie Tous en scène with animals in it when in the end it was not only a good movie but a great one and there was actually a reason for the characters being animals. It was part of the story. Now we get another movie with a world that’s totally like I was but instead of humans we have animals everywhere and this year this time it’s pretty cheap. Everybody likes animals. Most people like popular songs. So let’s combine them and there’s your movie. It’s funny how the very first scene is NOT had different from the one in the dopier each time we see our main protagonist at a young age at the theater. Judy hops Maus in a school play Buster moon watches his great idol on stage. The basic story and Tous en scène a simple. They even admitted in the movie Buster moon voiced by Matthew McConaughey a very strange choice has one final chance to restore theater to its former glory by producing the world’s greatest singing competition scene jumps from one part of the town which seems to be a version of Los Angeles or San Francisco not so sure to the next to introduce its characters you get a pick named Rosita worst by weasel Wetherspoon who is twenty five children and an overworked husband you get Terran Egerton as Johnny Scarlett Johansson as the half rogue loving had shot and Seth MacFarlane asked a little saxophone playing I was Mike and. Sorry Kelly as the shy elephant. Meena who has the biggest worries of them all. There are a few more side characters but these are our main guys and girls every one of them has of course one big passion and then singing and cashing the big check when they win the competition.  The strange characters aren’t that interesting because they’re little ants are very predictable but I guess they’re kind of likeable as least with the exception of Michael was a little bit too full of himself for my taste and unfortunately the main character Buster movie Tous en scène was one of the weakest for me and offing Matthew McConaughey is the right fit and the way he was the one enemy added to handled in the story didn’t make for the strongest protagonist you want to follow the story Tous en scène itself isn’t that strong at all and for most of his writing time I was wondering what exactly should be that special about testing in Qantas or that would actually save their theatre. It would have been cool if they work together to create something unique and special but it’s mostly just Buster telling them what to wear and what to do and that’s to show with one or two of the exceptions but nothing where they come together as a team that’s actually one of my biggest complaints about the movie Tous en scène it spends a big chunk of time which each character and their little stories but they don’t come together. You know of course all the arcs are resolved at the end but mostly it’s like one character doesn’t even know or is interested into what’s going on in the lives of the other ones. Maybe there’s an encouraging word here and there but it’s not like they really have to help each other out a lot and it’s ashame when you try to do in a slow movingIf that was really dead with the exception of Mike. They’re not really competing against each other even though it should be a contest for most of the movie Tous en scène and they’re not really.Depending dead much on the job as well unfortunately it’s not that funny either. I think I laughed less than ten times and the movie’s almost two. Four hours long. It all feels very shallow and on the original and reminded me of Illuminations last movie Secret Life of pets which was also a very sloppy undertaking. It’s also very lame in its use of songs for most part. Apparently there are over eighty five hit songs in it. Most of them only played for a few seconds three bunnies singing and even our song come on it’s hilarious going to go OK most of it falls flat because the minimum I’m looking for in a jukebox musical is leaving the theater thinking that it was a cool idea.

Screenshots :

Tous en scène.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent Tous en scène.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent capture_decran3 capture_decran4 capture_decran5 capture_decran6 capture_decran7 capture_decran8 capture_decran9 capture_decran10 capture_decran11 capture_decran12

Tous en scène.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent


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