Soprano – Cosmopolitanie.2014.mp3.Album.Complet by

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Soprano – Cosmopolitanie.2014.mp3.Album.Complet by – Cosmopolitanie for his fourth solo album, there is no exception to this rule almost intangible. Instead, he pushes her up and sign what is certainly his album less rap, musical sense. Influence is hip-hop, there’s no doubt it will ever be otherwise Sopra, but Marseille know that today, rap eats lots of different influences that s’ appropriate brilliantly: electro, trip-hop, R & B, dance, dubstep, many attempts and successful blends. The mixture is not it the very foundation of Cosmopolitanie? Booba often said that a title is successful if it can go into clubs. Sopra Rest assured, he has some under the elbow. Because technically, it is able to rap at an impressive rate, it fits perfectly on the road beats BPM particularly high as Cosmo, they do not know us, Fresh Prince, The Pain, Dancing tonight Midnightude, not even a little Bomb … So many dance pieces that do not dépareilleraient if the prod was signed by a beatmaker fashionable in the United States.
Tracklist :
01. Préface
02. Cosmo
03. Ils nous connaissent pas
04. Clown
05. Fresh prince
06. Hello
07. Justice
08. Le pain
09. Danse ce soir / midnightlude
10. Kalash & roses
11. Ti amo
12. Même pas un peu
13. M. et mme smith
14. Luna
15. Mélancolie

Soprano – Cosmopolitanie.2014.mp3.Album.Complet by


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