Somer Son.2015.DVDRip.Afrikaans.Film

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Somer Son.2015.DVDRip.Afrikaans.Film


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 8 May 2015

Language : Afrikaans

Country : South Africa

Sinopsys :

Somer Son.2015.DVDRip.Afrikaans.Film – A first for Afrikaans film is seeing the sunshine in the form of a genuine Comedy Drama called Somer Son. The producer stressed this is not just another candyfloss Romantic Comedy and why is this film fantastic is that it’s South Africa’s first ‘Green Film’. With the uncertainty of Eskom, filmmakers will quickly realize this is not only a fantastic PR exercise but saves production costs and may be a viable option over time. Somer Son tells the tale of a thirty something couple that made a decision to break away on the last gasp holiday to Mozambique so that they can get their marital spark back. Pieter and Sonja (played by Reynard Slabbert and Juanita De Villiers) still love one another, but question their relationship. Sonja feels the belief that they can’t fall pregnant is really a sign how the relationship is within serious trouble. Pieter were built with a vasectomy while he chose to concentrate on his career like a successful lawyer but keeps this dark secret from Sonja. A dream vacation in paradise might be the answer… but any sort of accident along the way sends them with an unexpected adventure.

Screenshots :

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Somer Son.2015.DVDRip.Afrikaans.Film


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