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Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Animation

Release Date : 11 September 2016 (Toronto International Film Festival)

Language : English

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

Sing.2016.Movie.Torrent –  Let me first clarify (even if the makers do not want to admit it): The film Sing movie torrent will surely not surpass Zootopia in terms of audience numbers and critics and the Oscar for the best animation film next year the three big Disney / Pixar films of this Year. However, according to the movie and first stories to be judged, Sing is one of the most innovative animation titles of recent years. Ok, now I hear the readers shouting in front of the computer: “What? Innovative? That’s a movie Sing  torrent with talking animals, what’s innovative about it?” Or “LOL, the same people who torment and exploit mankind with the minnions, what are to create innovative?”. Let me explain. Yes, actually, anthromorphic animals are not new in animation films. And sing. But we’re not talking about it, but about the story. How do we imagine such a film Sing movie torrent about a (music) competition? I suppose this description should be known: Our hero, an underdog and actually a loser with a good heart, makes a money with the family / school / friend or the heart of a beautiful woman / a beautiful man in a competition with (who really does not care who the organizer is) to win. He has nothing of a clue and a self-interested fellow who does everything to win is his greatest comedian. Yet, despite all the difficulties, he grows beyond himself and either: A) He wins the competition and wins everything or B) The opponent wins, but the hero still wins the hearts of the people and it still does somehow good. Sounds known? So far, so well, so well known, so boring. Sing movie torrent is interesting. In this film there is not the ONE hero and there is not the ONE adversary. Nobody is in the focus. There is not a hero. There are only participants who are all the same and have their own little story. The young gorilla, who wants to leave as the criminal footsteps of his father, but still stands between the chairs. The frustrated housewife, who has given up everything to have a family, but now wants to break out of routine in order to enjoy life again. The young elephant dame, who has talent and has to face her fears that torment her. The rocky porcupine that wants to get over her unfaithful friend. Do you have a favorite? Maybe. Someone with whom you can identify? Its possible? Do you have a clear hero? Certainly not. Not only that, Buster Moon, the organizer, is neither corrupt nor dull as typical of such films, but is itself also a simple tragic figure and on a level with the participants. He also has dreams, he has visions, but he also has fear and problems. He is neither a hero nor a villain, but he is also a simple actor. In summary, Sing movie torrent is personally innovative for me because he breaks out of the classic hero / rogue role that most of the animation films have today. They are anthromorphic animals, but they are represented here as ordinary ordinary people. Who will win? Will there be winners? Surely it will be the classic “You can do anything if you only want” story, but who will win the glory and if there is glory, remains to download Sing movie torrent from and seen.

Screenshots :

Sing.2016.Movie.Torrent Sing.2016.Movie.Torrent screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6 Sing.2016.Movie.Torrent screenshot8 screenshot9 screenshot10 screenshot11 screenshot12



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