Relatos Salvajes.2014.DVDRip.Pelicula.Argentina

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Relatos Salvajes.2014.DVDRip.Pelicula.Argentina


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 21 August 2014

Language : Spanish

Country : Argentina

Sinopsys :

Relatos Salvajes.2014.DVDRip.Pelicula.Argentina – Relatos Salvajes have a good counterattacking: probably see many people before you speak wonders of it. So the first recommendation is to forget everything they told you. You feel that you concentrate, and start enjoying these six stories that make up wild stories mentioned.
There are six separate stories each, but in all cases with moments of madness of one or more characters. In all stories there brilliant performances. The great advantage that is six stories, is that after all there are six different endings and if you liked one more than the sum of any other way to the end result positively. I could detail on each of the six stories, but undermine what I mean knowing little or entering in an attempt to lower expectations. Not because it is decent, if not all come equally to know the stories.

screenshots :

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4

Relatos Salvajes.2014.DVDRip.Pelicula.Argentina


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