Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor.2016.DVDRip.Filme

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Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor.2016.DVDRip.Filme



Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 25 August 2016

Language : Portuguese

Country : Portugal

Sinopsys :

Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor.2016.DVDRip.Filme – Today closes an important moment in my life, is seen the final version  the film Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor, that Luis Galvao Teles directed on the basis of my argument. It was a long process, since the day that Claudia Semedo – the big bang of the whole process, with whom I have a debt of gratitude that I expect to pay up to what it deserves – took my argument to Luis. The adventure to turn my argument in a movie Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor was full of ups and downs, joys and frustrations – but the film is done, closed, finished. What I saw today isRefrigerantes e Canções de Amor  At that time, opens new chapter – the moment a story so personal walking with me since 2007 when I wrote it, becomes the world and to be liked and / or hated, outside the security zone that has been all this time.  I confess that there is a side of me that is with nervous niggling. Another side is calm. The edgy side is normal – there is one thing that has our name stamped and will be made known to the world. It has many other printed names and there is much that is no longer just my story Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor is the view that many other people, different from each other, is what I wrote, from the director to the actors, through set design, wardrobe, etc. But yes, my name is stamped there, and all we want people to like something that has our name stamped. But having the name stamped on something is contrived, because it generates expectations, especially if our floor stamped name on things for many years. When the trailer Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor was released, reactions were great (thanks for that), but it took several people to publish nice comments saying things like “this coming from Markl can only be from laughing.” Well – thanks for the vote of confidence, but this is the first thing we have to take the way: Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor is only considered a “romantic comedy” because we have to put labels on things. I do not even know what gender is the film. I’d say it’s a love story Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor, first, before being a comedy. And how much of love stories, has a number of things that do not want to laugh – anxiety, insecurity, suffering, loneliness, doubt, restlessness, dissatisfaction. We suffer enough of all these things in the movie, and it’s for comic effect not – the situation in which Lucas (Ivo Canelas) and the hidden girl in the juice mascot fact, Dinossaura Pink-Pink (Victoria Guerra) it is bizarre, labyrinthine and not easy to solve. This is a film Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor with very neurotic people inside – not only Luke and Dinossaura, but Peter – pop supervedeta eternally dissatisfied – and Carla, the agent divided between the two artists he works with. But the neurotic people – are not we all? – Deserve love, and my story Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor tries to distribute it evenly with several setbacks through: some comical, some serious. But no – it’s not a film Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor made of marshmallows; say you have marshmallows, but with some small stones in the middle of soft sugary substance. So if you are looking for The Man Who Bit the Dog: The Movie or Movies Paradise or resemblance to any other comic thing they have seen written or made by me, it is likely to come out wanting to beat me. Advance for Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor with this idea: it is a love story as – I hope – never seen before. About people who are so physically and emotionally close to each other – at least romantic in the world (a supermarket) – and at the same time so separated from each other by insecurities, hurts … and color pink dinosaur facts.  Returning to nervous – there is this side “is that someone will like it?”. But there is the quiet side. The quiet side is the one who drew this story bowel in emotional turmoil height (the screenplay was written in 2007-2008 between the end of a relationship and the beginning of another). Regardless of the film Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor, the black balls that some (hopefully not all) critics certainly you will give, tastes and non-tastes that he raises from the 25th, this story, which she represented and is in my life is arranged in a special place inside, proof of what can happen from here. I hope you enjoy. It has a remarkable cast (large Ivo, Victoria, John, Lucy, Ruy, Andrew Gregory – among many others), a charming soundtrack, one Jorge imaginary Palma interpreted by itself and brilliant Jorge Palma, Refrigerantes e Canções de Amor and the grand Sérgio Godinho to do mustache killer. And dinossaura color pink.

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