Quel Bravo Ragazzo.2016.DVDRip.torrent

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Quel Bravo Ragazzo.2016.DVDRip.torrent



Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 16 November 2016

Language : Italian

Country : Italy

Sinopsys :

Quel Bravo Ragazzo.2016.DVDRip.torrent – Leone is a naive and romantic rose thirty-five in the orphanage of a southern village and dedicated to the activity of an altar boy. But one day the father that Leo never knew he had called him up next to him on his deathbed and gives him inherit all his possessions, and the direction of its activities. Too bad Don Fedinando face profession on Mafia boss and that the first assignment of Leo as his successor will attend a meeting to elect the new head of all the chiefs. The two henchmen of Don Ferdinand, Vito and Salvo, and Consigliori Henry will transform the “blown idiot” in a credible leader in time for the big event, while the beautiful policewoman Sonia will try to vanquish the gangs taking advantage of the naivety Leone . As Johnny Toothpick and Analyze This, Quel Bravo Ragazzo uses the mafia to farcical purpose. Enrico Lando, former director of The Usual idiots, rightly leverage the natural sweetness of Luigi Luciano, aka Herbert Ballerina, to make Leo a contemporary Candide whose naivete dismantles the evil intentions and dismantle the mistrust of anyone who comes within range. But Ballerina is a store of comedy, not a pure comedy Quel Bravo Ragazzo, and therefore needs a very well-constructed script to build on his skills as a performer. Unfortunately however the script (in fact written to five hands) is the Achilles heel Quel Bravo Ragazzo: thin, poor in events and twists and overly childish, would be fine as a film for secondary school children, not for an adult audience accustomed (even from the same Enrico Lando) to well over tightened comic rhythms. Too bad, because the history and interpretation of Ballerina have a pleasant taste retro comedy 80s, of those by Nuti and the first Pieraccioni. What works, and well, it is the cast of character actors that surround the protagonist: Enrico Lo Verso in an unusual comic role, Ninni Bruschetta in the shoes of Consigliori, an irresistible Don Luigi Maria Burruano as Fedinando and especially a phenomenal Tony Sperandeo that turns at hilarious effect its many interpretations of the bloodthirsty gangster. Even the usual cronies of Ballerina Maccio Capatonda and Ivo Greedy carve out a couple of amusing cameos: Maccio is a hard and pure priest, and Ivo a watchful rancorous. But the overall result is that of a group of excellent interpreters have to replace a script Quel Bravo Ragazzo that does not supports their talent. Before talking about Quel Bravo Ragazzo, we like to make a clarification, in order to clear up any misunderstandings: there is no intention blasphemous (and of course no resemblance) in the title of the film Quel Bravo Ragazzo: the obvious reference to the Scorsese film, in fact , in this case to mean the letter and was in a sense “obliged”. Because that is the main character, Leo. So good and naive to look like a child never grew up: the rest is fatherless, raised by a priest in the parish of wrist and has no friends except his peers … mental, so it is left out from the ugliness of the world. Until the day in which his father, who did not know, he does call while lying on his deathbed to give him the keys to the kingdom. Just that the family business is a little thing called the Mafia and touches the two loyal henchmen of the boss is responsible for making the poor a “crash course” in criminal behavior, with the predictable results of the case. We confess them of bias always against people who were born from the genius of Marcello Macchia, aka Maccio Capatonda, and his collaborators Luigi Luciano (Herbert Ballerina) and Enrico Venti (Ivo Greedy). Characters that make us laugh and at the time often frighten us, because it can happen to recognize ourselves in exaggerated form, but ourselves (at least we hope!), The bad people prospering in this country and the poor who pay the price. Quel Bravo Ragazzo, though, is not a Maccio film, but a sewing solo debut on the shoulders of the lunar Herbert Ballerina, which shows here to really have the makings of a comedian in rank. We really like his idiot savant, a bit ‘old and a bit’ mr. Chance, that do not understand the other if “we or us”, his disarming naivete, we have already enjoyed more infantile clothes in the character of Fernandello in Mariottide. The idea to insert the figure in the genre of mafia comedy is a winner and the film Quel Bravo Ragazzo is entertaining, thanks to the exceptional actors, among which the duo of Picciotto played by Tony Sperandeo and Enrico Lo Verso (with their much fun and ours), assisted by the “prince of the supporting roles,” the always good and measured Ninni Bruschetta in the role of Consigliori. Ragusa and the beautiful setting of the cameos Maccio Capatonda (we would like a spinoff of this Don Isidoro!) And Luigi Maria Burruano, extraordinary even in immobility. The film Quel Bravo Ragazzo also feels the urge to Enrico Lando to get out from the streets already jokes with Idiots. He laughs a lot and smiles often, even if you have the impression that they are the actors, all very good, to compensate for the gaps in a script a bit ‘thin. Missing words to Luigi Luciano – and we do not want the authors – a writer from the experience and quality of Vincenzo Cerami, who contributed so much to the success of here echoed Johnny Toothpick and other Benigni film, even less successful than that. But other than that, we expect Herbert / Luigi in his next tests, alone or in the company of his accomplices tried and tested, because the film Quel Bravo Ragazzo still needs someone to look at the finger while the other pointing to the moon.

Screenshots :

Quel Bravo Ragazzo.2016.DVDRip.torrent Quel Bravo Ragazzo.2016.DVDRip.torrent Quel Bravo Ragazzo.2016.DVDRip.torrent Quel Bravo Ragazzo.2016.DVDRip.torrent

Quel Bravo Ragazzo.2016.DVDRip.torrent


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