Prima di Lunedì.2016.DVDRip.Film.Completo

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Prima di Lunedì.2016.DVDRip.Film.Completo


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 22 September 2016

Language : Italian

Country : Italy

Sinopsys :

Prima di Lunedì.2016.DVDRip.Film.Completo –  Opera’s third director Massimo Cappelli, the brainchild of Fabio Troiano, Prima di Lunedì is a comedy that revolves around a journey from Turin to Torre del Greek, that Mark and Andrew, two old friends, should take to deliver a mysterious easter egg out of season, belonging to Carlito, a dealer in works of art with a tender heart. On this trip we are also involved Penelope, sister of Andrew and former girlfriend of Marco, and Chanel, elderly flame of Andrew known through a chat. The story Prima di Lunedì develops between a misfortune and the other on the background of which the Neapolitan comic, sarcastic and biting, and a funny and ironic Sandra Milo car create grotesque and hilarious scenes that give freshness and spontaneity to the whole story. Salemme manages to find the right comic key to his character by taking it out from the stereotype of the Prima di Lunedì usual bad boss and cunning. Carlito fact finds a human and humorous thickness in an unusual attachment to the values of the past as the beauty of art and a strong local pride, earning a monologue, well managed, on the concept of Italian spirit, the importance of ‘ art and our culture. A light comedy, but, apart from some real inspiration of originality and skill, can not entertain completely, relegating “laugh” at rare moments. Prima di Lunedì is an unusual comedy that entertains and flowing without ever boring, conceding, however, very few real moments of hilarity. Find and gags out there, but what makes it interesting is the mix of actors as diverse and well blended as to be credible in paradoxical situations. The main plot Prima di Lunedì (delivery of the egg by the improvised trio of couriers: Marco, Andrea and Penelope) is interspersed with several subplots, in order, so at least they imagined the writers, to spice up the story and it becomes a sustained trend no rhythm falls. Three are in fact secondary to the main alternating narratives: the shady deals together and ridiculous of the Carlito art dealer, esthete from peanuts supporter of Italian art on the French superiority; the bickering between the two ex-boyfriends Penelope (sullen Martina Stella), Prima di Lunedì and Mark and attempts to re-conquest of the latter; the absurd ménage that develops between Andrea and the octogenarian Chanel, which has fallen in love looking at photos of a twenty year old that she sent him. Despite the narrative scheme mentioned above and despite the pace is maintained throughout fairly argued, the film Prima di Lunedì entertains only intermittently and ends up resting entirely on situations and predictable jokes, unable as it is to create characters (they were only the protagonists) with d ‘a minimum of credibility. It does not help in this regard a farcical acting and over the top, Prima di Lunedì which turns the characters into caricatures good to raise a laugh and nothing more, as you were at the cabaret rather than on film Prima di Lunedì. Stands out in this respect the emphatic and theatrical interpretation of Salemme, who builds a character so farcical to never be not only credible but even funny. Even Sandra Milo, that with a good dose of irony plays the ditzy, too eighties, raises a minimum of laughter in the audience, and the winks Fellini (Chanel that ends a circus) Prima di Lunedì are at least out of place. There are also lapses into bad taste, as the scene of mobile phone in the coffin that begins to sound during a funeral. The only successful characterization, unfortunately confined to a few scenes, is to Norberto, Milan Ganassa you do snatch the bride on the altar. The film Prima di Lunedì does not know then hide a certain narrowness production, evident in the poverty of the sets and locations of luck (the interior of the hospital that you see at the beginning were filmed on the premises of the Turin Film Commission), so much so that many of the scenes they are set in the car of Mark and Andrea. Particularly annoying is then bevy of products advertised surreptitiously (tax credit, it reads in the opening credits). Overall, then, Prima di Lunedì a rather weak entertainment and free of unifying directing an idea: do not miss, as I said, some fun time, but not enough to make a movie.

Screenshots :

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Prima di Lunedì.2016.DVDRip.Film.Completo


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