PNL – Dans la légende.2016.Album.Complet

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PNL – Dans la légende.2016.Album.Complet

PNL – Dans la légende.2016.Album.Complet – After the critical and commercial success of the album “The world chico” (almost gold record) released in October 2015, the binomial essonnien wastes no time. OUR Ademo and have taken the paths studios for floor on their new album Dans la légende. PNL – Dans la légende (sigle de Peace N’ Lovés), is a group of independent Cloud French Rap consisting of two brothers and Ademo N.O.S (their real names and Nabil Tarik), originating in the city of Tarterêts in Corbeil-Essonnes. The band released an EP titled What the family in March 2015 and knows the success with the song the world or anything (a portion of the clip is shot in Scampia. PNL – Dans la légende The success of this piece will give their other clips a new exhibition, their allowing all to over a million views (video combines today 38 million views on YouTube.) Before the formation of the group, the brothers had already started solo careers. The newspaper Inrocks described the group as being currently “waiting number 1 in the landscape of French rap. ” Shortly after the release of their first album, the band announced the release of a second titled The World Chico, who finally released on October 30, 2015. The first single from this project is titled More Tony that Sosa. A week before the release of their album, the band released a PNL – Dans la légende new title extracted Oh Lala whose clip, shot in Iceland, will reach three million views in a week on the Youtube platform and has over end 20 million views in March 2016. At their Planète Rap on Twitter from 16 to 20 November 2015 they will decorate the studio every day a special atmosphere (ex. Scarface, Dragon Ball). The World Chico ranks directly in first place in sales on iTunes in the first week of its release and second all media in France. In March 2016, five months after its release, the album Le Monde chico is certified gold. March 11, 2016, five months after the release of their album The World Chico, the band released the clip Life is beautiful shot in Namibia PNL – Dans la légende. Followed on April 15, the DA clip in which the group shows off her gold. It has over 10 million views on YouTube within a week. While most rappers chain the extra-musical communication to remain on the front of the stage, the two brothers Tarterêts chose to focus solely on their music. They communicate only through social networks (no interview despite the huge media waiting), speaking only of PNL – Dans la légende their pieces, cultivating a cult of secrecy. Despite all the buzz around the group it becomes difficult to put anything in their mouths that their clips, which makes every ride an event. These events are clips scrutinized by the public and the media. Ademo’s contempt for journalists and NOS has not prevented them from supporting more than any other artist. Each clip is relayed in great pomp on Booska-P, of course, but also Clique, Inrocks, Konbini, Melty PNL – Dans la légende and abroad with The Fader head. Difficult for the French surfer to miss the release of its new NLP … and “short” that accompanies it. Because that is the clip, sound and image, which creates the event. As the group likes to say “Our clips deserve the Festival De Cannes”, perhaps, but they also have their place on the PNL – Dans la légende National Geographic channel. They exploded mediatically first turning a clip in Italy in the city of Scampia, they then traveled to Iceland, Namibia, a detour to Paris history to bring the golden disk to the family before s’ fly to Japan. Each clip surprise their 600,000 YouTube subscribers who are eager to check what NLP country will do the traveling. 40 million views in less than a year for “Le Monde ou Rien” which is about to be caught up by “DA” and its 26 million views in a month and a half. The numbers of PNL – Dans la légende clips are impressive, and the trend does not seem to be reversed, as shown by “Tchiki Tchiki” and its 200,000 views in one hour. Impossible for a rapper to properly launch a clip the same day as our two brothers without the risk of going unnoticed so they take possession of YouTube. This is also one of their strategy: concentrate all their buzz on one distribution channel. Where most rappers offer their single download or streaming, PNL – Dans la légende broadcasts only on their YouTube channel forcing their fans to travel daily on the internet to inhale their dose. The views do not diminish as the days, bringing the clip at the top of the algorithms of the site. And the mass effect triggers, views, views that attract attract new views, a virtuous circle, which PNL – Dans la légendeeven make a clip statistics topic (proof is in this article). It even has now analytical videos of their highest clips themselves to several hundreds of thousands of views. Failure to switch to radio, the two brothers from 91 show us the best way possible their buzz never empty, on the contrary ( “Men lie, women lie, but not the numbers”). Another explanation of these heady numbers would not be a certain addiction to their music ( “QLF on the wafer”) or just the famous Chinese proverb, “a sound that PNL – Dans la légende is assessed from 2/3 plays.”

Tracklist :

01. DA

02. Naha

03. Dans la légende

04. Mira

05. J’suis QLF

06. La vie est belle

07. Kratos

08. Luz de Luna

09. Tu sais pas

10. Sheita

11. Humain

12. Bambina

13. Bené

14. Uranus

15. Onizuka

16. Jusqu’au dernier gramme

PNL – Dans la légende.2016.Album.Complet


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