Monster Hunt.2015.DVDRip.Chinese.Full.Movie.torrent

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Monster Hunt.2015.DVDRip.Chinese.Full.Movie.torrent


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Adventure

Release Date : 16 July 2015

Language : English Subtitled

Country : China

Sinopsys :

Monster Hunt.2015.DVDRip.Chinese.Full.Movie.torrent – Truy Lùng Quái Yêu, 捉妖记World in Monster Hunt love is where humans live in the same demon, but relations between the two sides did not get along. Bloodsucking demon, eat human flesh to live. And the ghost row mage monsters want to catch them to sell for profit. In a peaceful village, Thien Am (Region Technology Fuel) is lame guy, gentle temperament, good cooking, sewing, she lives with central pouring drinks. One day, the Love of Love National Post flee riots that next village. Then she handed … unborn fetus to die before God Kettle. Monster Hunt Under the help of sorceress row beautiful love, personality Elementary Lam (Bach Bach Ha), Natural Kettle Children birth monster turnip sole descendant of royal Love Nations. But things are not so simple when God Kettle moderate care, teaching baby quirky, lo moderate protect it before the bad guys want to harm kids. Since then, the boy accidentally discovered the mysterious identity of itself. Amid spectacular fight sequences using both magic and martial arts Monster Hunt is the silence about family love, the love which God teapots and baby Cu Improvements for each other. Despite being “the mother reluctantly”, he put all the care for beets, regarded it as her own son as to compensate for inferiority childhood because his father abandoned. Viewers can both excitement before fight scene minutes before, then immediately afterwards dumbfounded because compassion for her troubled fate Cu Restoration. Thereby, Monster Hunt can get both laughter and tears from the audience. The cast of the film Monster Hunt is not too powerful. Only two faces known as Tang and Wallace Chung. Despite appearing less, they left an imprint through shaping and novel style than his career. Two character province and Bach Bach Bach Fuel Ha do not own outstanding appearance, but the impression from strokes gentle, sincere, lovely. The humor becomes successful largely thanks to juggle between the two young actors. It further commended the Monster Hunt is a skill alive. The scenery village, town or fields being staged entirely in 3D graphics but looks are not fake. Shaping of the monster love very friendly, lovely and suitable for younger audiences. Movements, expressions and their voices are accurate, cute. Monster Pediatric Innovation is at the heart of Cu concentrate all attention every time she appears on screen thanks to the actions and the cry “love unbearable”. This could be a new source of revenue of the toy manufacturing company in Asia in the future. The biggest shortcoming of the film may come from the simple plot to the sketchy, only suitable for small children. Epilogue movie Monster Hunt is solved too lightly, even somewhat superficial. In some segments, the sudden appearance of the dance sequences bribes, almost not fit in with the film circuit.

Screenshots :

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Monster Hunt.2015.DVDRip.Chinese.Full.Movie.torrent


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