Los Pingüinos de Madagascar.2014.DVDRip.Español.Latino

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Los Pingüinos de Madagascar.2014.DVDRip.Español.Latino


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Animation

Release Date : 8 November 2014

Language : Spanish

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

Los Pingüinos de Madagascar.2014.DVDRip.Español.Latino – are the penguins who are content to be cute and cuddly existence and there are penguins, on the contrary, they made their fish daily breathtaking adventure. As Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Soldier. Who cares if Soldier is really cute and cuddly: his greatest desire is just to get rid of this label and be able to demonstrate to Skipper to be a member of the team in all respects, worthy and courageous. The occasion will be provided by the mission against the evil Octavius Tentacles, a former octopus envious (now humanoid genetically modified) that threatens to turn all the penguins of the earth into monsters.
If you thought for even a moment that so many “Madagascar” were sufficient and that there was therefore need a spin-off dedicated to the penguins of the series, will do a few minutes of this movie to make you think again of all, despite, maybe , be even already gone through the television series.
Yes, because Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Soldier are really a unit of elite, as they like to present themselves, and not just when it comes to saving the world, but especially when it comes to run a play. There is not one type of humor that escapes them, from teasing metacinematografica (the documentary in Antarctica, for example, ready for anything to move their shot) to the slapstick, which runs the entire length of the film, humor more surreal, that is their true secret weapon. Ready to do anything to save the Earth, even to give up the theater course already booked, the magnificent four will not fail the goal, despite the hour dedicated to the inflatable bounces just when all seemed lost.
Virtuosi of the strategy of the last minute and even in the absence of any strategy, the penguins of Madagascar have easy game in far exceed a liking to their associates in this adventure, which is the secret task force of the North Wind. The agent Classified (a husky full of himself) and his companions, in fact, tend to come into the scene with special effects and the display of high-tech, but it is very often pure smoke and mirrors. Our instead, give the viewer much more pyrotechnic special effects, though often unintentionally products. In this sense, we can only welcome, finally, for comparsata out of time of King Julien, the undisputed ruler of the nonsense and sample giddy optimism.

Screenshots :

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Los Pingüinos de Madagascar.2014.DVDRip.Español.Latino


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