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Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 10 September 2016 (Toronto International Film Festival)

Language : English

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

Lion.2016.DVDRip.Dev.Patel.Movie.torrent –  It must stop approaching the true stories to the cinema as a film Lion to be respected or loved regardless daughters because of a reality, most of the cruel times. It must stop especially if these stories are adapted in a more rhetoric and smart as possible, lingering where you should not linger and running out in the captions where the images would speak for themselves. One told by “Lion” is an incredible odyssey, moving, poignant: an Indian child, the poorer class, who accidentally falls asleep on a train waking so far from home by not remember the way back, ending after many adventures in adoption as an Australian family who cares, raising him and supporting him, even when, after twenty years, he begins to feel the need to shed light on its origins going in search of his true ground native. A story that, indeed, lends to the movies really like few to Saroo, “Lion” but in the hands of screenwriter Luke Davies and director Garth Davis, succeeds in staying indigestible to the point to seem otherwise. They realize a meatloaf the two, in fact, exceeding a first part dedicated to Saroo child, too long and dilated, and making himself get carried away in a second – in which the protagonist is now an adult – in which the will of being crystalline and leave nothing to the poetry and the intuition of the viewer an emotional charge that weighs practically remains crushed, unable to get going. This despite the human senses of the boy’s fault that they cant do anything to let people know the biological mother and his older brother is still alive, pacify their minds – that imagines (rightly) desperate and broken – and remove them from the sins of a disappearance that there has been, “Lion” could have been avoided, but on which there is no point to inaugurate any kind of contributory negligence. It would have served another script and another director, then, to the autobiographical novel “A Long Way Home” (also written by Saroo) to be honored at the movies as it should. Someone comes with a total look, less direct and a different feel, lighter: capable of not ridicule too parenthesis Google Earth and crop, perhaps, more space to describe the (non) brotherhood and the complicated coexistence of Saroo and his Manthos adopted brother, himself the son of a bad destiny, if not worse. Rather than embrace the long-winded, the film “Lion” could change the field and actually return to India to follow the pain of a mother and a brother (above) massacred by an economic condition that inevitably leads to negligence, alternately, in parallel, to the knowledge of the couple interpreted Nicole Kidman and David Wenham who, by the will, although they can have children, they decided to give up their existing to help less fortunate. dramatic themes on which “Lion” could weave a much more durable and effective than blanket which then chose, with the opportunity to be more sincere and sensitive as, on balance, finally, is considered concretely. So it is not our fault if in front of Saroo disgrace (film) “Lion” empathize and dragging is a more complicated mission of what we thought. we are not to be insensitive, to have a heart of stone and I can say with certainty because when the end credits start the actual images of history, those with original Saroo that brings together his two mothers, our eyes moisten as Enchanted and the tear that we believed lost somewhere, does everything to go down. A very emotional and sincere film, in which there are not forcing melodramatic. Garth Davis is the mouthpiece of a heartfelt story and does so keeping a distance, speaking for the fragility of the young protagonist. “Lion” is an affectionate hug that makes us enter into a completely different reality from ours, and does so with absolute sensitivity and dedication.

Screenshots :

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