Les Profs 2.2015.DVDRip.Film.Complet.torrent

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Les Profs 2.2015.DVDRip.Film.Complet.torrent


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 1 June 2015

Language : French

Country : France

Sinopsys :

Les Profs 2.2015.DVDRip.Film.Complet.torrent – Les Profs 2 The worst teachers of France landed in England for a secret assignment. With Boulard, the King of Dunces, they are thrust into the best school in the country, and they will apply their famous methods on the future elite of the nation. The stakes are enormous: their success depends the future of the whole Kingdom … This year the best students, teachers still the worst Les Profs 2 !!! Kev Adams (Boulard, the king of dunces) found the worst teachers in France but in the Perfidious Albion this time. The cast of this series always carried out by the former Robin Hood Pierre-François Martin-Laval, which reserves the role of the history teacher, Petra Weiss, but the arrival of Didier Bourdon of the Nameless, which replaces  Christian Clavier (teacher layabout Cutiro / Tirocu). Isabelle Nanty in English teacher, Arnaud Ducret for sport, Stefi Celma French, Fred Tousch chemistry and Raymond Bouchard for philosophy. The film Les Profs 2  is still co-written by Pierre-François Martin-Laval and Mathias Gavarry on an original idea and work of Pica and Erroc. Hard not to think of another French comic strip hero who was also found in Britain Asterix and Obelix – On Her Majesty’s Service. The fate of the United Kingdom is in their hands … The latter alongside Kev Adams, aka Boulard, the student dunce who arrived in England in a school like that of Harry Potter! Les Profs 2 A French comedy frankly looked nice and pleasant, or is the main and in a comedy: although we laugh. Because I really good laugh watching this really fun and wacky comedy and much delirious at times. I just know the name of the comic so I do not know if it’s a good fit but in any case, it makes you want to read comics if it’s as awesome and crazy as that Les Profs 2. As we pass a good time to do these worst teachers for these worst students. And the film Les Profs 2 has very good gags, fun with replicas could become worship. It was also entitled to very good comical and funny scene. And some really wacky and hilarious characters: mostly teachers who are all really great and it is nice to see. Between the tyrannical English teacher, the teacher? : Mad that nothing, the sports teacher who tells it, or the chemistry teachers who did everything exploded, or sexy French teachers, the philosophy teacher or … well you understand nothing ^^ or finally the shy history teachers who thinks Napoleon. Finally really, they are a good band unable ^^ and thanks to the rather clever script that allows all that we want in gags Les Profs 2. And I found it very entertaining and worked scenario , well built (with good evolution) and above all with good humor and good gags and it’s nice to see. As for the worst students in France, the best teachers have failed so much that it remains the worst teachers and as he says in the film Les Profs 2: less less, it’s more. So vairé need if they managed to reach more than 50% to the penny closed bolt tray high school. So here, funny script and well built, with lots of gags and turning amusing situations. With characters offbeat, hilarious and endearing, played by very good actors; Besides, the cast is great: between  Isabelle Nanty is very tyrannical and perfect in his role, Pierre-François Martin-Laval manages very well in front of or behind the camera or Kev Adame is very fun and equal to himself and all stakeholders (teachers or students) are all very fun. Voila, Les Profs 2 a delightful comedy and fun to watch; I had a good time laughed. A comedy that I advise you with family or friends. A comedy or we laugh and gives banana is the main Les Profs 2.

Screenshots :

capture_décran1 capture_décran2 capture_décran3 capture_décran4

Les Profs 2.2015.DVDRip.Film.Complet.torrent


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