La Reina De España.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent

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La Reina De España.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 25 November 2016

Language : Spanish

Country : Spain

Sinopsys :

La Reina De España.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent – Trueba has been waiting for the film “La Reina De España” to come of age, just 18 years, to release the continuation of “La niña de tus ojos” (1998), or the story of an aspiring actress, Macarena Granada, who in the middle of the Civil War Travels with a group of Spanish artists to Germany to film a folk film in the studies of the Nazi UFA. Daughter of a republican prisoner who will end up dying in prison, Macarena is able to confront Goebbels himself, propaganda chief of the Third Reich, for ideological reasons. It is not strange, because now, during the Spain of the 50 and turned into an American star, return to his country to shoot a production on Isabel la Católica and have a corresponding encounter with Franco Bahamonde himself. But let’s not advance events or “spit”, because the improbable misunderstanding between both (one of the interpreter’s disagreeable responses to the dictator has crumbs) almost closes the film “La Reina De España” of Trueba. Before, we also attended the return to our homeland of Blas Fontiveros, who had not returned since he made that tape in German land and who wishes to meet again with the old friends who accompanied him in such company. But the story becomes entangled again and ends with the poor guy in prison, which inflames Macarena, who divides the time between studying how can the role of the queen “helped” by a senile director with one eye in clear reference to John Ford, His sexual dribbling with a member of the technical team and turning heads to devise a plan and get Fontiveros out of the game. The director once again has an extraordinary cast of comedians who highlight the performance of Antonio Resines sprinkled with bitterness – “those of the cinema do not paint anything”, says at a certain time the former president of the Academy, another garden thorny – and a Penelope Cruz seems to have been born to play “La Reina De España” this diva Andalusian and malhablada, with permission of Raimunda, a woman in arms take halfway between Sophia Loren and Sara Montiel, although the script lacks sufficient strength, cohesion, seems disorderly, and Missing part of the insolent and brashness of the first. A couple of scenes more like the one of Macarena singing in English “Granada, land dreamed by me” dressed of Isabel, for example, that loses to Americans a musical. Or that in which a desperate Resines and Rosa María Sardá mixes a work of Lope de Vega with the “Don Mendo” of the extraordinary Muñoz Seca. Perhaps this monarch so contentious would weigh a little the crown. The recreation of Franco’s Spain is of admirable precision, both in the decorative and environmental aspects of a repressive state of customs and politics, and the plot is similar to that which took place in Hitler’s Germany before and Serves to celebrate another tradition: the best of the Spanish comedy, “La Reina De España” with a few secondary actors who with their very presence create memorable characters without incurring the easy cartoon.

Screenshots :

La Reina De España.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent La Reina De España.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent La Reina De España.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent La Reina De España.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent

La Reina De España.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent


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