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Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Thriller

Release Date : 16 November 2016

Language : French

Country : France

Sinopsys :

Iris.2016.DVDRip.Français.Film.Complet –  From Jalil Lespert, I only knew his previous feature, Yves Saint-Laurent. Now, I may also know his fantasies, in that the film Iris seems to reveal a number of clues to associate the director with his creation. Indeed, for the first time, the latter simultaneously endorses the actor’s costume in one of his works, including the most sultry erotic scene with a Charlotte the Good erected in dark and delicious object of desire , Who by his own admission had already caught him in the eye during the shooting of Yves Saint-Laurent … Oh, and should I add that Jalil Lespert had already played in Sade? But whatever the real personal content of this film Iris, it nevertheless remains a cinematographic object worthy of interest for a wider audience. Remake fairly free of the Japanese film Chaos, its construction articulated around a thriller playing on the chronology, the pretenses and the manipulation evokes obviously the influence of Hitchcock. Coupled with its BDSM themes or power games in general, it is not without recalling the cinema of Roman Polanski, well received by the general public. If at no time does the film Iris pretend to reach the heights of its references, it does so at least honorably. The plot Iris thus has its share of suspense and twists to the predictability more or less variable. Some scenarios are indirectly left to the discretion of the viewer (who may just as well find inconsistencies as explanations or subtlety). As for the characters, some will call them stereotyped (a fortiori socially), but they remain mainly archetypes viable and useful to the narrative. In the end, Iris they all prove to be relatively interesting, avoiding the pitfall of unidimensionality by presenting more than one facet within this poisonous triangle. They are also supported by a quality interpretation, notably in the person of Romain Duris and Charlotte the Good, who without being transcendent, reveal themselves to the level of the desired quality. In terms of directing, Jalil Lespert confirms that he is able to film a film Iris properly and to devote himself to a certain aesthetic research, or a form of sophistication. If Yves Saint-Laurent fished in my eyes in its substance, its plastic virtues were not questioned. Iris is part of the continuity, offering a realization far above most of the current French productions. And even if the film Iris could appear to be racist by its themes and its main actress, it is distinguished at this level by a certain accuracy and neutrality, without pouring into the apology or the stigmatization of a part of its content BDSM). Without being precise, there is a more fictionalized representation, but sufficiently realistic and respectful of the judgment of each spectator. I admit that I do not really wear contemporary French cinema in my heart, but Iris is one of those few exceptions that seem to float in this ocean of beaufferie and mediocrity. While its construction is conventional, it does not affect the effectiveness of the film Iris, which offers as a whole elements more original, atypical or provocative than its hexagonal counterparts. Pus richer and less watered down, without falling into excess, a little like an Elle de Verhoeven.

Screenshots :

Iris.2016.DVDRip.Français.Film.Complet Iris.2016.DVDRip.Français.Film.Complet Iris.2016.DVDRip.Français.Film.Complet Iris.2016.DVDRip.Français.Film.Complet



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