Il Racconto dei Racconti – Tale of Tales.2015.DVDRip.iTALiAN.Film

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Il Racconto dei Racconti – Tale of Tales.2015.DVDRip.iTALiAN.Film


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Fantasy

Release Date : 14 May 2015

Language : Italian

Country : Italy

Sinopsys :

Il Racconto dei Racconti – Tale of Tales.2015.DVDRip.iTALiAN.FilmA queen can no longer smile, consumed by the desire for that child that never comes. Two elderly sisters leverage a misconception to attract the attentions of a sex maniac re always hungry for fresh meat. A sovereign organizes a tournament to give his daughter in marriage counting on the fact that none of the suitors will stand the test of his own design, so her daughter will not leave his side and the narrow confines of their castle. Matteo Garrone draws freely, and with great creative freedom, Three Tales “Pentamerone”, the collection of fairy tales oldest in Europe, written between 1500 and 1600 in language Neapolitan Giambattista Basile. The result is a kaleidoscope of images powerful and evocative, but also a carnival of human feelings, instincts and cruelty, as well as a profound reflection on the nature of love, which can (should) be gift and instead, for those fairs that are ( still) humans, is often especially greed. Each of the events narrated individually contain something of each other: a double, a reflection, a quote, an exchange of glances. The lust with which the queen wants itself (and only itself) a child cancels the sacrifice of her husband and stifles the desire to be loved (by itself) in the newborn, which once grew meets its “twin” but the poorest infinitely freer. The insatiable lust of King sex maniac, predongiovannesco archetype, is a never-ending challenge to the death and decay of the body, so well embodied (for meat, skin and blood always speaks in The Tale of Tales) by two elderly sisters engaged in a race back in time that will eventually divide “separating what is inseparable” as the union between the two “twins” of the previous episode, like the bond between a father and a daughter unworthy worthy to inherit a kingdom episode next. The circular structure of the narrative is, in effect, holistic (because driven by female figures), which is particularly surprising because the three episodes were filmed separately, and there was no time, no money, to make the usual finishing work which Garrone is accustomed. But the texture of the tapestry was already inherent in the writing (the writers Edward Albinati, Ugo Chiti and Massimo Gaudioso, over the same Garrone, but even before Basile) and in the cinematographic and pictorial of the director, who repeats his favorite themes – the transformation of the body, the blinding passion, deception – through encoding archetypal narrative of the tale and the visual encryption of the fantasy genre, used height authorial without forgetting the pop of its origins and its intent. Garrone draws on Fellini (The road, Casanova) as courtier to the grotesque paintings of Goya, in M. Night Syamalan The Village, Lady in the Water) as Mario Bava de Mask of the devil, the torment of romantic Pinocchio of Comencini as the comedy “medieval” L’armata Brancaleone. It keeps the balance in (his) world (because “the balance of way must be maintained”) as a tightrope walker on the wire, not by chance the image that closes the story of stories: what is Garrone, hanging over the abyss – of ridicule, bad taste, melodrama, farce inadvertent – attempt to avoid the fire that threatens him closely. Because the material it is made The story of stories, in Basile before that Garrone, is supremely incandescent and requires acts “of courage and sacrifice” to be told as a story accessible, you can not have only themselves. Into visual imagery of The story of the stories there is also the previous Garrone: the wheezing of wild creatures, whether they are men or their transformation animal; the labyrinths of the mind; the attempt to tame the freedom of others; loneliness as inevitable fate; the arrogance of the many “kings” that “do not listen to anyone.” The use of music is Garrone, despite its radical difference with, for example, Gomorrah, where sound was environmental: because even if it’s story tales to the accompaniment music (Alexandre Desplat) is almost constant, at times the most important (and most cruel) surrenders to absolute silence, isolation (also acoustic) total abandonment. In the universe of The story of stories Eros and Thanatos are obsessions supremely vital, the beasts will recognize the smell and the men (and women) become monsters everyone equally. Garrone galls humans to reveal the intimate fragility and leverage their skin because it is the only way to call the surface that piety that allows us to accept life, even in its supreme cruelty.

Screenshots :

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Il Racconto dei Racconti – Tale of Tales.2015.DVDRip.iTALiAN.Film


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