Kuroko no Basket Last Game.2017.DVDRip.torrent

Kuroko no Basket Last Game.2017.DVDRip.torrent

Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Anime

Release Date : 15 March 2017

Language : English Subtitled

Country : Japan

Sinopsys :

Kuroko no Basket Last Game.2017.DVDRip.torrent – A dream team of high school students formed to defeat American Stobus team · Jabberwock. Kuroko, Fire God and “the generation of Kiseki” is the strongest centerpiece. It was serialized at “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 2009 to 2014, and the comic book has surpassed the cumulative total of 30 million copies of the super popular basketball cartoon “Kuroko no Basket Last Game”. TV animation began in 2012 and recorded a huge hit that is broadcasted in 3 stages (75 story). In 2016 the theater version project started! First of all, we screened an event as a total compilation of the fierce fight of the winter cup drawn in the TV series. And in the spring of 2017, a completely new movie is finally released. New movies are imaged as “Kuroko no Basket Last Game” drawn by the original author, Tadatoshi Fujimaki as a sequel. That’s why the authors themselves wrote a new episode for the movie! Complete version “Kuroko no Basket Last Game” appears on the screen! Kuroko Tetsuya and Fire God Okoshi who joined Ryoke High School Basketball Club. Kuroko was surprisingly shadowy to everyone, against a fire god with an outstanding sense. However, Kuroko was active as a “sixth vision (Sixman) of vision” fighting with five geniuses called “generation of Kiseki” at a powerhouse, Teijin Junior High School. The two who became the name combination of “shadow” and “light” become the main strength, the Sei Rin basketball division fulfills the winter cup participation. And after the fierce battle with “the generation of Kiseki”, we finally achieved the nationwide championship. Kuroko no Basket Last Game became a sophomore, and at the end of the summer, a street basketball team “Jabberwock (Jabberwock)” attracting attention from America came to Japan. But in friendly matches they showed that they overwhelmed the Japanese team with overwhelming ability and laughed at Japanese basketball. Rico’s father who was furious with that attitude · Hikiga collects Kuroko and Fire God, and “generation of Kiseki” and declares revenge match to Jabberwock! This time’s strongest dream team “VORPAL SWORDS”, gathered here !!

Screenshots :

Kuroko no Basket Last Game.2017.DVDRip.torrent

Kuroko no Basket Last Game.2017.DVDRip.torrent

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