Kong Skull Island.2017.DVDRip.torrent

Kong Skull Island.2017.DVDRip.torrent

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Genre : Action

Release Date : 10 March 2017

Language : English

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

Kong Skull Island.2017.DVDRip.torrent –  When we saw the classic King Kong of 1933 and the poetic King Kong of Peter Jackson in 2005, we expect a lot of a new film stamped of the paw of the king of Skull Island. The adaptations concerning the Kong were in any case numerous, and some less well than others. This opus there is quite disappointing, because if the entertainment is there, the quality is not at the rendezvous. I was both skeptical and curious about Jordan Vogt-Roberts, a director unknown to the general public. In this case, the best and the worst are expected. One can be surprised and have to deal with a new prodigy, just as one can fall into the worst masses that the world of big budget films have carried. Kong Skull Island is a half-tone film: yes, the pleasure is there, because we are happy to be able to reconnect with the island and its occupants. The Movie Kong Skull Island is a pure adventure product where the sequences are linked in a well-honed but completely predictable mechanism. We can guess the scenario, the sequence of the action and the ending of the story well in advance: we already know after thirty minutes that Kong will have to face the big and bad creeping, as for the final confrontation in Jurassic World. The socio-political discourse of the movie Kong Skull Island is a bit past and I would say even nerdy: it’s good, we know, on one side we have the military, the “bad guys” who only seek to draw without trying to understand what And that invade a world other than theirs, and on the other we have the open “gentiles” who will show tolerance. It is absolutely Manichaean and seriously, I think it would be time to innovate a little no, question dramaturgy of characters? The same goes for the pseudo-philosophical phrases we get out every fifteen minutes: to take ourselves so seriously the film makes us laugh more than anything else, and at its expense. The filmmaker was fortunate enough to have a gold cast: the excellent Tom Hiddleston (Crimson Peak, High Rise, The Midnight in Paris), the magnificent and talented Brie Larson (Room), of course Samuel L. Jackson (yes, he always plays as well, but hello the role he was spun, I preferred him in The Eight Bastards), John Goodman (the Cohen freaks) and John C. Reilly … this is the case Classic films with great pomp where you get big actors, who are also excellent in the film, but where you forget to write them good roles. For example, the character of Tom Hiddleston, whose name I have already forgotten, would have deserved to be more pushed. The effects of staging are often too cumbersome and it seems that the filmmaker is trying to sell us an old film falsely connected to hippie hints, like the head that jumps in the helicopter (what the hell?) Or else Skull that rejects the creep that necessarily holds the collar and the identity of Chapman at the same time. The photography is not disagreeable and participates in this same movement of inspiration for Apocalypse Now, and the special effects are worth the detour, especially concerning the King of the island which, must be said, is really very beautiful. But then why so little exchange between the King and the characters? It is clear that we are far from the film of Peter Jackson. In short, Kong Skull Island is a very dispensable but still entertaining film. It does not bring much that has not already been said but it will be worth the detour as family movie or Sunday entertainment, or perhaps for the most curious of us.

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Kong Skull Island.2017.DVDRip.torrent

Kong Skull Island.2017.DVDRip.torrent

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