Free State of Jones.2016.DVDRip.Full.Movie

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Free State of Jones.2016.DVDRip.Full.Movie


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 30 May 2016

Language : English

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

Free State of Jones.2016.DVDRip.Full.Movie –  Free State of Jones In Civil War drama Free State of Jones is Farmer Matthew McConaughey love with the slave Gugu Mbatha-Raw and rises to the leader of a rebellion. There is civil war Free State of Jones: The American South to fight against the North. Right in the middle is Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey). He is a strong opponent of both slavery and the secession and believes in equal rights for all. A first unsuccessful marriage to Serena Knight (Keri Russell), he has left behind. Free State of Jones In order to separate themselves from the warlike intentions of other states, he calls a covenant to life, although it consists only of poor farms, but has high goals: The Region Jones County in Mississippi is off the Confederacy create a community to life that no value lays on the skin color of its citizens: Free State of Jones. His relationship with the slave Rachel (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is one of the driving spring. He also receives assistance in his endeavor by escaped slaves Moses Washington (Mahershala Ali). In Free State of Jones it tells the story of the challenge of a southern farmer, Newton Knight, and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy. Merged with other small farmers and local slaves, Knight launched a revolt that brought the Jones County in Mississippi to separate from the Confederation with the creation of a free state. Newton Knight marriage to Rachel freed slave and his subsequent creation of a mixed-race communities was something unique in the South of the United States after the war. Knight has continued his fight even during the reconstruction that has distinguished itself as addictive, although controversial historical figure whose challenge and whose actions have gone beyond the war.Free State of Jones based on real events. 1863 led the real Newt Knight actual rebellion in James County. Its open relationship with a slave and the resulting marriage to the end of the American Civil War was the first mixed-bred marriage this region Free State of Jones. Even after the settlement of the conflict between North and South Knight held on to his convictions firmly, fought against Klan activities and was with his ‘gang’ to a radiant, albeit controversial figure. His son Thomas J. Knight wrote a (glorifying) report in which he described, among other things, like his father defended peasants against greedy tax collectors. Director Gary Ross (known for The Hunger Games – The Hunger Games) handle the fast become a kind of Robin Hood legend story of Newt Knight and also himself wrote the screenplay for his film Free State of Jones.

Screenshots :

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Free State of Jones.2016.DVDRip.Full.Movie


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