Fifty Shades of Grey.2015.DVDRip.Jamie.Dornan.Full.Movie

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Fifty Shades of Grey.2015.DVDRip .Jamie.Dornan.Full.Movie


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Romance

Release Date : 23 January 2015

Language : English

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

Fifty Shades of Grey.2015.DVDRip.Jamie.Dornan.Full.Movie – The most awaited movie of the year is here friends, an erotic story white Anastasia Steele ( Dakota Johnson ), 21, students at the University of Washington. In an article for that school newspaper, she agrees to interview Christian Grey ( Jamie Dornan ), a prolific businessman 27 years. Although she’s intimidated, Anastasia is immediately drawn to him. Later, Christian visited the home improvement store where she works part-time to be able to buy cable ties, duct tape and rope. They then start a romantic relationship, before, Christian asks Anastasia to sign a confidentiality agreement not to talk to anyone by what they do together. The young woman then learns the object of his desires like practicing bondage, punishment, sadism and masochism. Then she must affix his name completely to another contract gets hotter agrees to become dominated and submissive. Their relationship is going to be anything but romantic …….Before criticizing the film saying “p orn”, look at the history books. It’s not that erotic, SM or any other practice, there is a link foremost, a story, two people are total opposites (their world, their lifestyle, their character, their value), but who are united by common feelings, learning from each other, advancing together. It’s so easy everything together in the same box, you have to decide between things, and we like it or not stop all condemn. We must stop hiding behind feigned modesty.

Screenshots :

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Fifty Shades of Grey.2015.DVDRip.Jamie.Dornan.Full.Movie


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