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Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Adventure

Release Date : 10 November 2016

Language : English

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

Fallen.2016.DVDRip.Lauren.Kate.Movie.torrent – In the juvenile filming traps, a teenager falls into a Fallen angel at her new school. 17-year-old Lucinda “Luce” Price (Addison Timlin) is suspected of causing a fire and killing a boy. That is why she is sent to the Sword & Cross boarding school during the course of her therapy. There she meets her classmate Daniel Grigori (Jeremy Irvine) Fallen and immediately feels attracted to him without knowing that the mysterious unknown is in truth an angel on which a curse weighs because he has loved her for thousands of years. Fallen is based on the Lauren Kate novel of the same name, which the American author published in 2009 and which appeared in Germany under the title Engelsnacht. The first volume was followed by Torment (2010, Engelmorgen), Passion (2011, Engelsflammen) and Rapture (2012, Engelslicht). In addition, the collection Fallen in Love (2012, English: Engelszeiten) with four short stories of the protagonists belongs to the series. A filming of traps had been in discussion since 2009 when the book first appeared on the market. Directed by Scott Hicks, who had previously directed romantic and emotionally touching subjects such as The Lucky One, Hearts in Atlantis and The Boys Are Back. Most of the filming Fallen took place in Hungary. The Schossberg Castle in Tura served as a backdrop. After Jeremy Irvine had previously rejected the roles of Peeta in The Hunger Games and the Four in The Destiny Divergent, he took the lead role in a youth book adaptation Fallen for traps for the first time. At the very beginning, Lucy Hale and Liam Hemsworth had been cast as protagonists for traps. The tale movie Fallen begins a tiny slow at the beginning and never a lot really occur in the manner of action until midway over the Movie Fallen . The times Luce spends at Sword and Cross reform college, where this lady has been sent after an event with a fire, which murdered her ex-boyfriend, does turned into a little repetitive and drawn out and many types of I really desired was the tale to get going. But I think the creator was attempting to set the scene, provide us with some really well produced figures and lots of suspense before revealing all. In retrospect, I liked this technique as sometimes a tale can progress along rapidly but then have no depth at all.

Screenshots :

Fallen.2016.DVDRip.Lauren.Kate.Movie.torrent Fallen.2016.DVDRip.Lauren.Kate.Movie.torrent Fallen.2016.DVDRip.Lauren.Kate.Movie.torrent Fallen.2016.DVDRip.Lauren.Kate.Movie.torrent



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