El ciudadano ilustre.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula

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El ciudadano ilustre.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula



Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 8 September 2016

Language : Spanish

Country : Argentina

Sinopsys :

El ciudadano ilustre.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula –  The failure of the Argentina society.The latest film by Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn, the bright El ciudadano ilustre (2016), made with the idiosyncrasies and vices of Argentina what a hot knife toward the neck would jugular of a fool who thinks death is distant. The basic premise is as simple as devastating: Salas, a place inside Buenos Aires plagued naive, anodyne and violent characters, organizes a sort of celebratory return of his only “prodigal son,” the Nobel Literature Daniel Mantovani (Oscar Martinez), only someone who spent his childhood in place, has spent 40 years living in Europe and the background hates this typical example of the proverb “small town, big hell”. There is something mysterious that hides behind a sadomasochistic encounter of this caliber, by a pathetic side and on the other hilarious, and it is this little treasure cycle of the national tragedy that capture the filmmakers in the film El ciudadano ilustre, practically intellectuals unique recent Argentine cinema, as also demonstrated its excellent previous work. Of course we talk about Cohn and Duprat also involves referring to the latter’s brother, Andrew, primarily responsible for the scripts and architect of what was this trilogy about the vernacular bourgeoisie composed by The Artist (2008), The Man Next Door (2009) and Dear, I’ll buy cigarettes and back (2011): the first hit him mercilessly snobbish culture lineage, the second charged the academic and the third tore the hypocritical and cowardly middle class of the Federal Capital and the conurbano. While at first glance it seems that now it only to “pajueranos” Interior and El ciudadano ilustre specializes in a rustic past that repels and attracts the same time, actually the proposal feast is made with wildlife we can find in almost any corner of this ineffable country. Thus we have a classic populist and manipulative mayor, some lumpen that they cringe and another good batch of abject bourgeois and fascist who control the fate of the El ciudadano ilustre enclave to pure intimidation and free opulence. The filmmakers profess sympathy for Mantovani, something like a very sensible version of the proud, self-referential and Eurocentric Argentine intellectual, a character played masterfully by Martinez. Continuing with the cast, and in a game of mirrors in fascinating truth El ciudadano ilustre between reality and fiction, here we find Dady Brieva as Antonio, a friend of the childhood of Daniel ended married to what was once the girlfriend of the above, in the period prior to his departure to Europe (his outbursts and double standards are not random features …). Through a series of chapters that present us the itinerary of the paradoxical protagonist in Salas, before and after his coronation as “El ciudadano ilustre” of the town, the plot crumbles sensitivity and ideologies of the Argentine par excellence; that mixture of wealth, pettiness, resentment, delirium, supplications, pain and poverty, all in the same bag in which only the two extremes are invariants, corresponding to a social pyramid based on the disproportion and looting ad infinitum. Among the professional decline and the temptation of a sincericidio after telling local what you think of them, Mantovani works for much of the story as the eyes of Duprat and Cohn, with the aim of registering a clash of “good intentions” aimed at a new conflict (or rather, a new phase of an old struggle) and finally the collapse: while the Nobel Prize for Literature El ciudadano ilustre aims to make sense of the link that follows tying Salas, since his entire play takes place there and takes 5 years of creative block, the villagers seek-and engulf like parasites from the cholulismo more masturbatory and unpleasantly something of fame writer, completely ignoring his literary output and his maverick attitude. Through the interweaving of lax archetypes of argentinidad, the story goes superimposing significant layers as encounters Daniel El ciudadano ilustre with salenses extend into the dangerous and tensions begin to surface, those of the dispute “conservatism / chauvinism versus progressivism / tolerance”. Even the film El ciudadano ilustre are by other individuals, because they cover such diverse films as though thematically fellow men Flee When Day (Smultronstället, 1957) Ingmar Bergman, The Secrets of Harry (Deconstructing Harry, 1997) Woody Allen and tell me your story (State and Main, 2000) by David Mamet; all opus highlighted with insight the distance between the mechanisms of canonization of the status quo, the vagaries of the cultural mainstream and details of the real, everyday world, that which manifests indifference to the uppity and never know the shortcut to success since ancient times El ciudadano ilustre sometimes provides the cultural industry. As if it were an aging parody of the structure of the “coming of age”, that which marked the youth of the protagonist is analyzed not from a romanticizing it comes down (as we said, Mr. detests the town and the trip is fruit of their curiosity), but via a sort of confirmation El ciudadano ilustre of their worst fears, ratifying the immutability of the pantheon of native miseries (love, friendship, neighborhood, political and economic power are all synonyms for the failure of the Argentina) society.

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El ciudadano ilustre.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula


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