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Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Action

Release Date : 29 July 2016

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Sinopsys :

Dishoom.2016.DVDRip.Hindi.Full.Movie – In the seventies, when the hooligan hero punch on the face of inertia When the voice came from the background “Dishoom’. It seems that a person is speaking the words. Since then has been thrilling and action Dishoom word signifies. Perhaps that is why the title of director Rohit Dhawan’s film ‘Dishoom’. Add the main characters in his film adventures and plenty of action and thrilling driven to succeed that they are little. If the script is a little work and then ‘Dishoom’ glow in the fall. The film Dishoom begins with a videotape sent to the State Department. He says that a militant of India’s top batsman Sharma, Viraj is kidnapped. The final match in the Middle East, India and Pakistan have not played it, so India lost to Viraj. Match started is approximately 36 hours. Officers from India Kabir (John Abraham) is the responsibility of finding that she brought Viraj. Kabir’s mission in the Middle East helps Junaid (Varun Dhawan). Junaid coupled Kabir and find a terrorist, but he is just an actor. His face was shown to mislead the police. Kabir and Junaid have worsening in 12 hours. Dishoom They are forced to start afresh again. Kabir and Junaid hand ishika (Jacqueline Fernandez), which seems to be the mobile phone of Virage. Ishika is a pickpocket. Kabir same support and access Junaid’s go ahead and go to Viraj. Rohit Dhawan and Tushar Hiranandani together wrote the story and screenplay. The story Dishoom is interesting and it has all the qualities to be a thriller. The film Dishoom is very good. Kabir’s ‘Sdu’ and Varun ‘funny’ thing to be well displayed. John-Varun’s chemistry is tremendous. Some good scenes which come entertain. The authors of the serious issue of the abduction has light-weight, but gradually the film Dishoom seems to lose its effect. After half an hour of entertainment graph seems to come down sharply. The story Dishoom came on the turn demands a certain seriousness, which has not been completed. Kabir and Junaid on its investigation, but it did not thrill the audience is linked to the case. Having 36-hour fast, but the audience does not feel stress. Indeed, Dishoom the ‘fun element’ affairs director-writer ‘Thrill’ forgotten thing. Kabir on foreign soil that exploits the way that is astonishing. Helicopter, car and gets a call. Kabir and Junaid are entered anywhere. The film Dishoom had to be a bit logical. Leave it not affect the film’s villain. The big plus point of the film Dishoom is the couple of John-Varuna. There are some wonderful scenes between the two. Both characters are very well wrought. Angry Young Man is a second campy. Amitabh and Shashi Kapoor, Varun duo John reminder. Junaid Satish Kaushik, who calls him to laugh a lot. As director Rohit Dhawan’s influence. Like his father David Dhawan, he placed all the focus is on entertaining the crowd. Mix of action and comedy, he is well, he made the film Dishoom look is stylish and Young. He has fast speed and shorten the length of the film. Varun Dhawan film is realized. They fill their energy power in the movie. His comic timing is strongly and some scenes are worth watching because of their own. John speaks much less benefit to the film Dishoom. Here they have to communicate much less action and the action scenes are spectacular. Jacqueline Fernandes is placed just a heroine in the Dishoom film should be. Kabir Junaid’s mission is forcibly unabridged. Akshay Khanna appeared on the silver screen after a long time. Surprised that he chose to return because of their role in such a role is not new. Akshay Kumar came in little rolls of film are lifted. Chopra and Nargis Fakhri thereby enhanced the glamor of the film. Ayananka Bose’s cinematography is classy. Background music is great. “Hundred such ‘hit song is. “Dishoom” The best thing about it is that, despite shortcomings and time does not bore well is cut.

Screenshots :

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