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Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Animation

Release Date : 29 November 2016

Language : Spanish

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

¡Canta!.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent – After his theater is threatened by ruin, Koala Buster Moon is hosting a casting show ¡Canta!. Its financial low tide is only the first link in a chain of escalating problems. But “the show must go on” – and so much animal talent not to be on the stage would really be a crime on the audience. Casting shows have long been an indispensable part of television for many years. The fact that these newcomer artists – and those who at least think of it – are also on the big screen is new. Just like the fact that the animation adventure ¡Canta! is not about people who want to present themselves on the stage as advantageously as possible. Or, because the 100,000 beeps, which the theater owner Buster Moon has praised as the first prize, attracts characters who are not only committed to art, but also to the miserable mammon. This – resp. His stubborn remoteness ¡Canta! it is also thanks to the fact that the Koala director has fallen for the idea with the talent contest at all. For the establishment of the fine arts, which he had undertaken with a great deal of love and little money, drifts incessantly towards the end. The great shows of the past have long since disappeared from his theater ¡Canta!. Today people want … yes, what actually? Obviously his money – at least those to whom he owes pay and other payment. And all the others? Buster is convinced: Above all, they want to see themselves on the stage. Another advantage is that you do not have to pay for it – as opposed to real artists who have not been on the budget for a long time. The winner, of course, would have to get something. Even if nobody is more surprised than Buster Moon himself, when he later reads the horrendous sum on his advertising flyers. A printing mistake ¡Canta! but one that creates huge snakes in front of its stage entrance, when the casting comes into motion. And who does not want to reach the finale … Animals, as diverse as their motifs: Half-world mice Mike is an ace on the saxophone and also vocally a banger – but ultimately he is only interested in the plasticine. This would also be interesting for the young Gorilla Johnny. However, ¡Canta! he actually dreams of living outside the burglar gang of his criminal father. Porky Rosita, in turn, has the housewife blues. She wants to find out what is left of her former talent. Ashley wants to sink into a stage – and elephant girl Meena from stage fright in the ground. And these are just a few of the many artists who are able to figure out something on stage. Just as the animal underworld. Because such sums will arouse desire. But regardless of whether the jackpot ends up with the best voice or the worst criminals of the city, which is exclusively populated by animals, Buster Moon certainly looks murky. Because he does not have so many monts quite simply. But as usual with him, he shifts the solution of this problem into the future. Finally, he has to organize a casting show ¡Canta!. And this alone is already occupied with so many tripping cases – you can not burden yourself with such minorities, where from then on the price money should come. Actually, director Garth Jennings has never had anything to do with animation films, as he revealed in an interview. But somehow he was fond of the idea of placing various animals on the stage and making them perform there. And that’s exactly what you notice “¡Canta!” every minute: the core of the comedy is the stage performances of its stars. From snails to giraffes – the microphones are safe from no species. Over 85 captivating songs – from the 40s to today’s hits – hide in 110 minutes of film “¡Canta!”. Times only a few bars, sometimes more. But always on the scene – and, if sung by the right Geviechs, a real bang. Already the fierce “Ride Like The Wind” justifies the Kinokarte, if not Christopher Cross it to the best, but a snail visibly animated by the own expression. In the end, a similar effect comes to the end, as with real casting shows, which are followed to the end: After having been allowed to follow the different singers’ beads for a certain time with their ups and downs, they have with all their hopes and needs Clammy to the heart. But as in reality, only one can ultimately win. And how “¡Canta!” solves this dilemma in addition to busters financially – is one of the reasons why you finally leave the cinema hall broadly grinning. On the lips of the songs you can never sing as much as a monkey, a pig, a mouse, an elephant or a snail “Ride Like The Wind”.

Screenshots :

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 ¡Canta!.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent screenshot6 ¡Canta!.2016.DVDRip.Pelicula.torrent screenshot8 screenshot9 screenshot10 screenshot11 screenshot12




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