Brice 3.2016.DVDRip.Film.Complet

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Brice 3.2016.DVDRip.Film.Complet


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 29 September 2016

Language : French

Country : France

Sinopsys :

Brice 3.2016.DVDRip.Film.Complet – Brice 3 is back. The world has changed, but not him. When his best friend, Marius, calling for help, he goes on an adventure on the other side of the world … Travel broadens the mind “jaunesse” but he remains the king of the puzzle? Late sequel to a 2005 comedy cardboard Brice de Nice 3 broke the 2 and went straight to number 3. This is the com ‘, which emphasizes, with an arbitrary number, which does not follow the chronological logic. The project is wacky. A French Oscar winner, who is an artistic midlife crisis, which refers Hollywood and the prestigious French film (he turned, among others, in front of Nicole Garcia camera) in the closet, to return to the playground pantalonades that had formerly done his glory … the concept Brice 3, ie the wicked gags as sketches without real narrative thread is back without the youthful charisma of the actor. The second degree highlighted, the star Jean Dujardin accepts the ridiculous to play in this aging body pretentious adulescent the sparrow brain (this is proved by a scanner during a scene in the hospital which underlines the stupidity of the protagonist ) as the finger at Hollywood glamor that made him sparkle. At least can we recognize the merit (?) Not to censor. The budget is therefore pop and implementation developed in the US. James Huth, director of the first film Brice 3, offers therefore insert manga Dragon Ball, a reference to James Bond, a long epic sequence in King Kong and Jules Verne, and a loan to nanardesque musical boat. .. The film Brice 3 does its best to not look like anything to the canons of French comedy, weaving not without suicidal afterthought, an excuse narrative canvas to Z skits, or surjeu, which is no longer that of the ego a star – he must dare go back to those funny numbers worthy of a Wayne’s World to the great era of grunge- tends to dodgy and infinitely stupid. This slaughter of gags that becomes an obsession of Breaker Saint Tropez, voluntary reference, as the firefighter approach evokes franchouillard jewels of unfortunate sketch 80s, shows us “his” life in yellow for 1h30: the parochial experience is pushed to a climax, up to the stage in a gigantic theme park Brice 3 or Brice de Nice 3 where chug full swing continuously, in the presence of the magnificent alter ego of anti hero. One can find the pathetic style of exercise, especially if you have not enjoyed the original number, while others will delight in a moment of unabashed nostalgia of a dead decade, Brice 3 but in all cases, any the world will grant at least to say that cinema experience level, we have seen better trussed and more consistent. The narrative construction embedded with Brice in Brice 3 old telling his experiences of dirty brats, being perhaps the worst of the bad ideas of the script! After The Visitors 3, 2016 is therefore a sad year for the hexagonal popular entertainment that really did not need such additional shipwreck Brice 3. Brice 3 is good. It is not excellent, it is not crap, but it’s good. Really good. Basically, the story is a kind of delirium in big road trip mode. Brice-old tells a children’s “self priced” greatest adventure, which will therefore justify the delirious sequences we will find throughout the film Brice 3. We find Brice Nice king of breakage and local fair beast, which receives a message Marius (Clovis cornillac) calling for help. Thus begins a journey of Osgor in Hawaii, and a barrage of punchlines. Because yes Brice 3 it is mainly the punchline, games shit words, the very fat humor, with a completely retarded character, eternal prepubescent teenager who lives in his delirium. The humor of 1 Did you? You will love the humor of this film. It is equally good, the surprise effect and less (the vein is operated). Do not expect to serious or logical times. The film Brice 3 is more fufu than its predecessor. But it still works once, because you really feel that Jean Dujardin is seated in its cult figure. Same for Bruno salomone and cornillac Clovis, is fun to find them in this big mess and that this story is finally cool … With lots of popular valves, especially to the big final scene. Brice 3 is made for fans of the first film. If you have never seen Brice 1, or you do not, go your way, 3 made numerous allusions to the film in 2005. All the time. You feel that this film Brice 3 is the result of a big frenzy between Dujardin and James Huth, and that was done by pleasure rather than by willingness to figures at the box office. Unfortunately, I fear that the film makes a flop compared to 2005, and that’s a shame, because we have a good time before this kind of comic film especially too seldom seen in France. The film is a big troll all the moments we get bored, we laugh, there are winks, the story is ultimately not too bad, what more? It does not surpass the first, because without it, it would not exist. But the result is good. That is enough.

Screenshots :

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Brice 3.2016.DVDRip.Film.Complet


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