Black M – Eternel Insatisfait.2016.Album.Complet

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Black M – Eternel Insatisfait.2016.Album.Complet

Black M – Eternel Insatisfait.2016.Album.Complet – MHD, Diplo, Soprano, Zaho, Abu Debeing, Alonzo, Gradur, Amadou and Mariam, Manu Dibango and Shakira! This five-star list is the name of the artists collaborating on the new album Black M – Eternel Insatisfait Very well surrounded, rapper saw it big for her comeback. The member of the Sexion Assault working with his “Frérot” Soprano, with whom he will also be on the album Everest on October 14 for the title “Attitude” Remix of the marseillais. L’African I’m home with Amadou and Mariam duo revealed a few days ago by Black M will be offered as a bonus on the album Black M – Eternel Insatisfait, which promises explosive. Black M is now on the roads of France to go to meet his fans before his big tour in 2017. After Naubeuge and Paris, Black Mesrimes will be in Caen, Saint-Etienne, Vesoul, Le Havre, Beauvais, Marseille and Geneva in the coming days. The rapper is our pleasure by offering us 20 sounds for his new album Black M – Eternel Insatisfait with guest appearances in spades. The most surprising of these is undoubtedly the one with the international star Shakira, who put his voice to the song “Like me.” Clearly now, we still have more looking forward to having our hands this great album! What do you think of this album Black M – Eternel Insatisfait revealed by M Black?

Tracklist : 

01. Je suis chez moi 3:48
02. #Askip 3:53
03. A l’ouest (feat. MHD) 4:21
04. Kirikou 3:32
05. Cheveux blancs 3:25
06. Fais-moi rêver (produit par Diplo & Jr Blender & Boaz van de Beatz) 3:06
07. Frérot (feat. Soprano) 3:46
08. Mon défaut 3:30
09. Beautiful 3:36
10. Parle-moi (feat. Zaho) 3:39
11. French kiss 3:40
12. Wati by Black 3:33
13. Refait le monde 4:04
14. Tout ce qu’il faut (feat. Abou Debeing, Alonzo & Gradur) 4:15
15. La route des princes 3:41
16. Comme moi (feat. Shakira) 3:08
17. C’est quoi le Del 3:51
18. O.V.N.I. 4:30
19. Éternel insatisfait 3:28
20. Je suis chez moi (African remix) [Bonus track] 3:28

Black M – Eternel Insatisfait.2016.Album.Complet


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