Beiimaan Love.2016.DVDRip.Full.Movie

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Beiimaan Love.2016.DVDRip.Full.Movie



Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 14 October 2016

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Sinopsys :

Beiimaan Love.2016.DVDRip.Full.Movie –  This year, the “love” word capitalize on the many films Beiimaan Love on the cinema, knocked, but alas did not land any test of movie viewers. ‘Lvshuda’, ‘Love Omen’, ‘Love Games’, and’ Love Alia “any of these movie audiences’ love ‘could not manage to. Love filled with the hope that maybe it will be a magic word scares the years, filmmaker Rajiv Chowdhury brought his new film “Beiimaan Love ‘. Let us know what’s new and what is old in the film. The story Beiimaan Love of a young new round of ambitious and Rsukdar woman Sunaina (Sunny Leoni) revolves around. He has a distinct identity in its own society. How Raj (Rajneesh Duggal) consisting of his life is changed forever, you get to see the movie “Beiimaan Love in. Overall, the film Beiimaan Love is a woman of his own life, according to the story to live on their own terms, where deception, love and sex also play a key role. Nor had any expectations from the film and the film delivers on those expectations. ‘Beiimaan Love’ like seeing the movie, directed by Rajiv Chowdhury Sunny Leoni just simply to cash in on the popularity of the film Beiimaan Love is constructed. There is no force in his direction, nor is there anything in the script to the movie ticket purchased from any of your hard-earned money and his head beaten in. It would not be wrong to say that perhaps the sunny side of the trend nowadays is more thrillers. His last released film ‘One Night Stand’ was a thriller. What happened to all of the film that you already know. But if we talk about the new film of linen, like the old movie film Beiimaan Love looks set to be the same fate. Sunny tries hard to his role in the film. He planted his glamor good. But when it comes to acting, then, as in many of his previous films, appears on the verge of clearing their spoilers, consistency. In many scenes Beiimaan Love, their dialogues, not understandable. Bollywood row your boat away if he wants to, in time, so they should start work on their acting skills. Rajneesh Duggal are also killed, while a special arrow. Whatever the scenario, the demand for, their facial gestures are the same in every scene. Seeing the film Beiimaan Love, it seems that both artists focus on hot scenes have been filmed on the bus itself. With this film Beiimaan Love, Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber also stepped into the world of Bollywood. His work has also been disappointing. Debutant Yuvraj Singh too failed to make an impact. Sunny Leoni movies walk or not walk, but the tongue of people who had boarded the songs of his films can not live without. ‘Beiimaan Love’ eight songs total. Some of them have become the songs are really good. ‘Hug Me’, ‘dead’ and ‘Follow Me Hindustan songs like have become quite popular among the audience. If all these praise songs rhythm, but their choreography and could be better. If you see something new in the movie theaters with the idea of step out, then trust me come back disappointed. But if you are a fan of linen and can not live without seeing her drunk signature gestures, so you can watch the movie Beiimaan Love once.

Screenshots :

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Beiimaan Love.2016.DVDRip.Full.Movie


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