Bad Santa 2.2016.Movie.Torrent

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Bad Santa 2.2016.Movie.Torrent



Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 23 November 2016

Language : English

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

Bad Santa 2.2016.Movie.Torrent –  The unwritten law that continuations with the success factors from the predecessors are overloaded unfortunately also applies to “Bad Santa 2”. Of all that the predecessor has distinguished in his special-anarchist style, there is more here without telling a really new story. If you would like to see an entertaining insulting marathon in the alcoholic beverage for 90 minutes, “Bad Santa 2” will surely get their money’s worth. Just in time for the Christmas season the continuation of the uncompromising success comedy Bad Santa in the cinemas. 13 years after his predecessor, Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Mr. Popper’s Penguins) has now taken over the role of director, who is known for rather light comedies. The experienced screenplayers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa are unfortunately no longer on board. The new makers took the success recipe of the predecessor as a model and put a whole thrust on top. “Bad Santa 2” is even more cynical, still twisted and still black humor around the corner and should provide for some laughs, which one also often stuck in the throat. Without regard for losses Billy Bob Thornton escapes through the little original story in which one has tried to set new impetus through the figure of his mother. In combination with the black humor and the still surprisingly audacious character, the recipe works very well. But apart from the broken mother-son relationship, “Bad Santa 2” simply tells the same exact story of the predecessor once again. Unfortunately, most of the secondary rolls serve only as a decoration and projection surface for short laughs, sexual allusions and interpersonal fleshiness. “Bad Santa 2” puts his focus on pushing as many props and scenes as possible into the film, to be even more ruthless than his predecessor on bending and breaking. This is always very entertaining to look at, but sometimes tiring. The story remains a little on the line with the ambiguous text passage and black-haired situation comics. The few emotional moments, which often provide a suitable portion of Christmas kitsch, are therefore almost liberatingly beautiful. The story “Bad Santa 2” that of Willie who resumes contact with his accomplices in crime for a final blow (to steal the coffers of a charity) – is not interesting enough to keep the viewers’ at the end. One imagines that this kind of comedy does not have to do with a broad narrative frame – as long as it has its share of coarse jokes – but a narrative better structured, richer, with a second level more thoughtful would certainly have contributed to elevating the work to the level of social satire. The unclean characters and their deplorable gestures would then have had a different impact, Bad Santa 2 torrent.

Screenshots :

Bad Santa 2.2016.Movie.Torrent Bad Santa 2.2016.Movie.Torrent Bad Santa 2.2016.Movie.Torrent Bad Santa 2.2016.Movie.Torrent

Bad Santa 2.2016.Movie.Torrent


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