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Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Sci-Fi

Release Date : 23 November 2016

Language : French

Country : France

Sinopsys :

Arès.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent – Science fiction in French cinema is a complicated story. Our national cinema being what it is, it is impossible to compete with the American blockbusters of the genre, so we must rely on the originality or the atmosphere. Jean-Patrick Benes (Vilaine, The Dents of the Night) tries all the same the coup with Arès. A solid film that would look good like the French Blade Runner, but that never departs from the tenors of the genre to which it pays constant tribute, to the point of forgetting to build its own identity. We are in Paris in 2035. The state is no more than an empty shell and the country has 15 million unemployed. Private companies have taken control of the nation and pharmaceutical companies are more powerful than ever, thanks to the doping and other drugs that can now be taken legally. It is in this context that we follow Arès, old glory of the Arena (a kind of MMA power thousand), the most popular sport of the moment. And Arès has to face a choice when it is proposed to test a new revolutionary drug. Arès does not really put on his intrigue, quite classic, but on its sticky atmosphere. For an hour twenty (yes, it’s short), Arès tries to become the French Blade Runner, exposing its desperate atmosphere and its universe that totally loses the ball. An atmosphere that works. Benes arrives to perfectly give cohesion to his universe despite a ridiculous budget compared to the films of American SF. The director gives us, intentionally or not, a very 80-90’s vision of the SF echoing, among others, Running Man, New York 1997, Total Recall … with, for example, moments when Benes takes the time to us Show the misery of the future, with tramps gathered around a shabby fire in dirty streets or resigned characters who have lost faith in the world in which they live. We can however regret a minimal risk taking, the film Arès bringing nothing new, fresh, merely rehearsing the clichés already seen a thousand times across the Atlantic. The whole thing is transcribed on the screen by decorations always well thought out, full of details that reinforce this aspect of a world in agony. Even the airplanes of Paris, modified with special effects correct but far from extraordinary, reinforce this atmosphere. For the rest, Arès remains in the nails, without really surprising by its history or even by the words it tries to pass. A simple story Arès of anti-heroes that will gradually realize that it can change things. If the story Arès  is followed by a controlled rhythm and twists that do not leave time for boredom, the script struggles to install its characters. The first minutes take place in a rather painful narrative blur where it is difficult to really know who is who, what the characters do and what their relationships are. We also regret certain actors who are not really comfortable in their roles, like Hélène Fillières, Arès  who plays a cliché cop appearing straight out of an American film little inspired. In his defense, the script does not really honor him, giving him for example a very strange twist and replicas that sound false. But Arès proves all the same that in France, the cinema of SF can always be solid, interesting and sometimes intelligent. All he needs is the spark. Arès  is solid, but does not shine. Arès  is smart, but not surprising. Arès offers an interesting universe, but is not original. Benes has unfortunately not gone to the end of his subject and proposes a work to the taste of unfinished. A work that would have deserved perhaps more time to develop, or a little more care in its scenario in order to express its purpose. Even though Arès  is not the biggest French-language film we expect anymore, it will still allow the followers to find their account and do good in a national landscape dominated by comedies.

Screenshots :

Arès.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent Arès.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent Arès.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent Arès.2016.DVDRip.Film.torrent




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