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Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 13 November 2016

Language : French

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

Alliés.2016.Français.Torrent –  Zemeckis is no longer a close-up, he who had to close his studio of performance capture on which he was a pioneer, and since it was never question for him to follow the fashions, here it is landed a year more Late with Alliés torrent, a spy movie during the Second World War! Robert Zemeckis, as elusive as a spy? If some wait for each new film Alliés torrent of this venerable craftsman as another opportunity to see him innovate and push the limits of the 7th Art in some virtuoso sequences, Allies risks disappointing so the director of Forrest Gump claims here an almost anachronistic classicism , Charged with romanticism and suspense with the old one. What is more normal on one side, since it is about a film Alliés torrent of time with a couple of spies whose love is going to be disturbed by the doubts of Monsieur about Madame. Like the scenario of Stephen Knight, of economy and simplicity almost refreshing, the staging never gives in great technical stunts as the dear Bob has recently accustomed us. On the contrary, the division is weighted and gives pride of place to the long shots in a classy scope that allows the director to play on the frames at random to put in abyss the doubts that gnaw at the central relation. No need to go back on the love that Zemeckis carries for the mirror games, which are obviously of the part given the subject. For all that, the composition of the plans is constantly at the service of this theme Alliés torrent of false pretenses and play on appearances, the least field / counter-field reflecting the perception of the characters and their relationship with the other. This elegant visual grammar knows how to make the ship of the stakes scenario and raises without appearing the direct style and without flourishes of the script Alliés torrent. Besides, we can not say that the film Alliés torrent turns around the pot. From their first meeting, the agents played by Marion Cotillard & Brad Pitt must play a role vis-a-vis the other, immediately distorting their first report. During the mission that follows, each of their actions and gestures is calculated to perfect the illusion of an identity that is not their own, immersing the viewer from the outset in the doubt and at the heart of the problematic of The double identity. A game of cat and mouse that allows Zemeckis to do his mea culpa for one of the main critics of his previous film The Walk, where the French-speaking Joseph Gordon Levitt’s accent was not natural And completely distorted the character he was supposed to play. Surprise here: Brad Pitt speaks French many times, except that here the accent is assumed, and Cotillard does not lose an opportunity to make fun of him when the guy is supposed to pass for a Parisian. In the manner of an Inglourious Basterds, Alliés torrent takes fully into account the different languages of the time and also some replicas in German, and to see it in VF would once again be a total aberration as long as historical fidelity is in order. Moreover, the reconstruction is the most careful and the film Alliés torrent retranscribes the permanent alert of these dark times with force, bombing alerts and anxiety-causing climate making the salt of several sequences. Overall, we are almost facing a Hitchcockian thriller whose ins and outs seem to be there to raise the tension to the maximum in order to hold the footage on its sole suspense. The general surprise comes from the emotion that emerges, the protagonists remaining human behind their masks. The psychological sacrifice, the vagaries of the war and the tragedies of its daily life are all elements that form an integral part of a scenario that is becoming more and more delicate as it reveals its secrets, without Never lose its charm. Thus, Alliés torrent may have everything of the project almost too easy, it does not forget to have a heart that beats, and it is finally what makes all its beauty. Realized quickly, with class and efficiency, Alliés torrent risks disappointing many people by its old school character, its rather slow rhythm and the absence of sequence shock. Almost anti-spectacular, the new film Alliés torrent by Robert Zemeckis focuses above all on his main duo solidly embodied, and the evolution of an ambiguous relationship. A solid production emerges which fulfills its promises with certain ease, although it must be admitted that the whole does not make sparks for all that.

Screenshots :

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