A Bigger Splash.2015.DVDRip.Full.Movie

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A Bigger Splash.2015.DVDRip.Full.Movie


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 6 Septembre 2015 (Venice Film Festival)

Language : English

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

A Bigger Splash.2015.DVDRip.Full.MovieAt the time there were still no cell phones, no one could leave with a text message or a message on whatsapp. But Alain Delon, who has never shone for sensitivity, after six years of passionate relationship with Romy Schneider dismissed with a note that read “I’m sorry”. Six years after this abrupt separation, Jacques Deray with a brilliant idea of ​​marketing aimed at attracting the audience who had been following the story of this famous couple, rivolle them together in his swimming pool, which in 1969 was the first great success of the director of Borsalino and also he got good feedback critics. Next to them – yet extremely well together – they recited the great actor Maurice Ronet and – in the role of the adolescent daughter from physical Lolita – the then twenty-three Jane Birkin, who that year engraved with the scandalous Serge Gainsbourg Je t’aime .. . moi non plus. The film A Bigger Splash was set in Saint-Tropez, a holiday resort of the rich and famous, actresses and playboys, in a splendid villa where two lovers lived their passionate love for freedom until the arrival of an ex of her, that set in motion dynamics jealousy and revenge between the two men until the younger the intruder drowned in the swimming pool of the villa, after a confrontation night. The murder remained unpunished and ended up making accomplices forever tying the two lovers in their love sick. Luca Guadagnino and screenwriter David Kajganich, in charge of remaking the film, take these characters leaving them the same names and give a background glamorous and modern: Marianne Lane is the key figure here, a famous rock singer remained voiceless and operated to vocal cords. Paul, her partner, a documentary photographer is a former alcoholic and almost suicidal, in whose arms he threw just the bulimic Harry, exuberant music producer who has worked with her as well as with the biggest rock and produced the ‘ Rolling Stones album Voodoo Lounge, on which also tells some credible (true) anecdotes. As in the film A Bigger Splash Deray, Harry breaks with his charm and his hunger for life and love in the calm retreat of the two, in the company of a daughter that everyone knew existed. With his impetuous and irresistible exhibitionism purple quiet chosen by Marianne, who can not speak (Paul is actually not to want to do it, because he knows that the words can come out only the truth and therefore upset the balance). Forced to give up making love on the beach and to go naked, the two initially contain the invasion but Harry is determined to recover Marianne and basically has never endured the younger Paul, who considers too serious and regular she. As in the original, jealousy salt, the two men confront each other and everything explodes in a night, when Harry is to accuse Paul of having seduced his daughter – in this version – is revealed minor. The basic plot A Bigger Splash, in short, is the same, but the differences are significant: instead of the French Riviera is Pantelleria, ancient land border from rough beauty and lunar landscapes and mysterious. Like other similar places, in Italy and in Greece, no longer the happy island of celebrities, who suddenly are invaded their sacred spaces by foreign faces and potentially threatening, sometimes more often live and dead protagonists of the daily news. And ‘invasion dramatic counterpoints that now life of the locals, who live and live on television, but that only touches these people taken only from itself. In some ways there is an echo in the quartet of protagonists of the rich debauched the Great Gatsby, whose privileged life is the only one to be preserved at all costs. Others play only the role of complement their hobbies and even friends, if they put in crisis a comfortable status quo, are expendable. And ‘people above all and especially of the law and therefore it is not surprising that do not pay for his crimes, especially when committed on vacation, place of suspension by the rules. In 1969, the rock revolution was just beginning, in 2015 has now lived the most glorious moments, and Ralph Fiennes to embody the story in a performance “exaggerated” in which he sings, dances, dives to fish in the pool, it shows naked with an energy and Bacchic orgiastic enviable and seductive. Its wild ballet to the music of Emotional Rescue is worth the ticket price and allows us to discover the most playful and anarchic side of an increasingly extraordinary but that has only recently been able to give vent to what seems his true nature. Personally instead of Tilda Swinton – while perfect as usual – we would have preferred less androgynous actress and “tough”, to justify with the soft femininity of the physicist who had Romy Schneider, the transport of the senses and the amour fou that these two handsome men and attractive feel for her. Perhaps the film A Bigger Splash suffers a bit ‘in the final extended to those who have seemed too abrupt changes of register and close together and for choosing to let emerge openly ironic and moviegoer, hitherto contained in the character of the policeman pur excellent Corrado Guzzanti. But two-thirds of its length A Bigger Splash is seen with great pleasure and paints very well the dynamics of a quartet that brooks no foreign bodies, such as the public will be able to see a stranger to tussle festivaliere.

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A Bigger Splash.2015.DVDRip.Full.Movie


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