20th Century Women.2016.DVDRip.torrent

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20th Century Women.2016.DVDRip.torrent


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Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 17 November 2016

Language : English

Country : USA

Sinopsys :

20th Century Women.2016.DVDRip.torrent –  After his father in Beginners, Mike Mills dedicates a film to the mother in 20th Century Women. But also to women he grew up with. A film all about the characters, the director loves no self buts. An object maybe rickety, but that becomes loving. Sometimes a lot. You may well want a movie 20th Century Women while considering that an object a tad bit rickety? The writer is in a bit ‘in crisis with 20th Century Women, a film to premiere at the New York Film Festival has received praise, and a warm standing ovation from the stadium that perhaps needless Moonlight or Manchester by the Sea. No one takes from his head that if he had a premiere in another festival, maybe Cannes or Venice, there would be more divided opinions right now. And even though the hype seems a bit ‘out of control, if one compares the film mainly Beginners (still the best of Mike Mills film), 20th Century Women has at least one advantage that I would defend with tooth and nail: a sincerity that is not filtered through nothing. It is not lost through defects in the film structure, and above all is never forced, despite some moments of quirky indie 2000s. But Dispelling a myth: 20th Century Women is not a movie or women to women, as in many trivially want. Instead, it is a coming of age (yet? Yes, again: they were in their own way also the previous films of the director) in which a boy grows and explores the world through the help of the women around him. If Beginners Mills was for the film about his father – very autobiographical -, 20th Century Women is the film on Mother. But not only. Santa Barbara, California, 1979. Dorothea Fields (Annette Bening), a certain middle-aged single mother, lives with her teenage son Jamie (Lucas Jade Zumann) in a large house on two floors also inhabited by other people. Abbie (Greta Gerwig) is an artist punk and a free spirit, and Julie (Elle Fanning), a neighbor teenager home smart and provocative, basically spends his nights sleeping in the room of Jamie. In this house there is one man, William, a kind of handyman Dorothea hope maybe it can be a milestone in the life of the child. Dorothea would want that sooner or later a male figure falls from the window in their lives. But the satellites that revolve around the child are actually ‘others: Jamie you are falling in love with Julie, and Abbie has so much experience and could potentially be a model for the boy. Dorothea expressly asks Abbie and Julie to stay close to his son, to follow him, to help him grow: why 20th Century Women is first and foremost a film about a boy growing up, and then a movie “on women.” 20th Century Women is primarily the memory of a man. It’s a film in which a man portrays women who were his first models of life, the sources of inspiration of life. It’s a film 20th Century Women in which the characters are placed in a precise context, dotted with historical references, small brushstrokes of a country that is changing: from the Great Depression to Jimmy Carter through Vietnam and of course for all the music possible. We are at the time of the fateful transition from ’70 to ’80, when already the canonical family had suffered a healthy mutation. In this idea of time passing is the heart of the movie button. You never have a real plot, and perhaps his greatest fault lies in wanting to make up for this lack of plot acting because anecdotal. Yet the characters, despite the too much accumulation and slender structure, live and have seen an evolution. They are characters with character, and not by chance are those women who have the situation in hand (and the film). Mills has respect for their personal dreams, for that their search for meaning and happiness, even if it already knows who will be surprised by life and who does not realize what he had imposed. All with a fine attention to detail and care in the choices that the characters make (see how the birthday cake is served at the table) and the moments of life that mark forever (the Dorothea race to bring his son to ‘ hospital: a short memory chip that says a lot). The three performers are perfect in 20th Century Women, with a special mention for Greta Gerwig ever so good and Annette Bening from the looks lost in the most convincing emptiness that we’ve seen recently. It is above all thanks to her if, doubts or less on the movie, in moving really is the mother-child relationship, because the separation is clear and painful with people you see time slipping away between his fingers and who it is that time catching with energy.

Screenshots :

20th Century Women.2016.DVDRip.torrent 20th Century Women.2016.DVDRip.torrent 20th Century Women.2016.DVDRip.torrent 20th Century Women.2016.DVDRip.torrent

20th Century Women.2016.DVDRip.torrent


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