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Mad Max Fury Road.2015.DVDRip.Tom.Hardy.Full.Movie

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Mad Max Fury Road.2015.DVDRip.Tom.Hardy.Full.Movie


Detected quality : DVDRip

Genre : Action

Release Date : 30 April 2015

Language : English

Country : Australia

Sinopsys :

Mad Max Fury Road.2015.DVDRip.Tom.Hardy.Full.MovieThe Reboot Mad Max: Fury Road is the beginning of a new trilogy about the post-apocalyptic Outlaw, who is this time played by Tom Hardy. Max Rockatansky, better known as Mad Max (Tom Hardy) is after the events of Mad Max III – Beyond Thunderdome on the run. Together with a group of survivors he thunders in the tanks converted semi-trailer through the desert, which is driven by Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron). They are followed by degenerate outlaws in heavily armed Desert cars. A fierce war breaks out on the street. Also on board is a group of women that calls itself “The Five wifes”. In the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max beautiful women as valuable goods treated. Particularly attractive specimens are kept in a cage and are just as valuable as fuel for road bandits. The idea for Mad Max: Fury Road was director George Miller, who the original Mad Max already staged, shortly after the completion of Mad Max III – Beyond Thunderdome 1985 but the project was very slow: in 2003 he had the script completed, but due to the war in Iraq and related public-feelings it remained for the time being in the drawer lie. Only in 2010 Warner Bros. decided to begin filming in Australia. But nature destroyed the plans of the production team in a rather unusual way: Heavy rains transformed in November 2011 the Australian desert in a thriving landscape, not the post-apocalyptic setting of Mad Max: Fury Road fit. The whole film crew so moved in July 2012 to Namibia, to get in the African desert to film with 18-month delay in the last box. After completion of filming in December 2012, it was found that some scenes had to be shot again, even though the film had blown his budget for a long time. Even after these reshoots in November 2013, took another year and a half, until the film was finally visible in the cinema. The amount recognized as a continuation of the Mad Max movies film is to be divided into three films: Mad Max: Fury Road, Mad Max: Furiosa and a not yet titled third film.

Screenshots :

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Mad Max Fury Road.2015.DVDRip.Tom.Hardy.Full.Movie


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